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[1.4.3]ALCOR,"Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous" by ASET (08/02/2017)

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It is unrealistic to allow 3 kerbals in this tiny lander. I edited it to make it 2 and I highly recommend the OP do the same because there is no way in hell 3 kerbals can fit in there. Its not realistic and kind of cheating. I recommend deleting one of the pilot seats and just having the one pilot seat and pull down back seat. and I really think the interior should be made smaller because this thing is about 1/4th the size of the real life ascent stage of the apollo LEM but from looking at the IVA seems to have the same interior size as it.

The internal model is exactly to scale with the external model. Visually, it should be sufficient space for three kerbals, provided they don't expect to stay inside for months, but a day or two should be reasonable, especially in microgravity.


Grey - External mesh

Blue - Internal mesh

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A semblance of map view is in the plans (Basically, I want to do the same kind of vector drawing you get in an Orbiter MFD like this one: http://users.kymp.net/p501474a/Orbiter/sc2.gif ) but I'm definitely not getting that done this year.

Adding maneuver nodes from inside IVA is also going to be problematic because I just can't think of an interface that wouldn't be too horrible to use.

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hmm would it be possible to say recreate a command pod as groundbreaking as this for say a space station capable of holding say 4 kerbals back to back with monitors surrounding them in the IVA, connecting them to functions such as fuel transfers and and electrical management. Just a suggestion

Edit: also by any chance are either of you working on a radial horizontal camera?

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What a beauty!. I l-o-v-e the ALCOR (RasterPropMonitor too!). For me, the best Pod until now. Great concept, fantastic idea and execution. 10/10

Many, many, many thanks to the creators.

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IM getting error messages using the latest version of raster prop and this capsule. the displays in this one don't work. Other capsules are working fine though.

i had that happen too but it stopped when i redownloaded the Alcor

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