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[1.2] Real Solar System v12.0 Dec 8


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36 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

@Dermeisterif they play with RO/RP-0 then they use the 1.0.5 version of KSP and RVE is compatible with it. Else, they have made the EVE configs by themselves.

Ahh ok thanks so you're saying theres no clouds yet for 1.1.2?

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47 minutes ago, Onesmallstep said:

Hello can i just only get the real planets not the scale and all because i dont want to use realism overhaul.

Not right now.  The SSS linked in the first post has issues. (Florida under water, Saturns rings not showing up, sinking through the ground when trying to land on various bodies)  Another person is working on a regular Kerbal scale RSS...




Just looked and looks like he just put up a download link for it.

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After messing around with trying to add RSS Expanded (which caused issues like it just being the kerbol system) and giving up, and creating a new installation and re-downloading RSS, max res textures, and a few other mods, Kopernicus is crashing.  It does not crass without RSS installed. I had everything working fine before. 

Here's the log [will edit in.. having trouble posting with it]

It says out of system memory, but I have 16GB... anyone know what's going on here?

Weird... I'm getting a 500 error when trying to paste even a very truncated version of the log in here, and I can't figure out how to attach files... how do I even?

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@curiousepic that sounds like either your OS is 32bit or you are running 32bit KSP.



  • Fix for some missing stock textures.
  • Tweaks to Mars PQS.
  • Fix a typo in Tanegashima's launch site definition.
  • Fix Pluto having two atmosphere nodes.
  • Tweak temperature of Earth's upper atmosphere.
  • Make Saturn oblate (thanks Sigma88).
  • We forgot to enable some temperature curves (thanks OhioBob).
  • Tweak upper atmosphere of Venus slightly (thanks OhioBob).
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Kerbal Space Program -
RealSolarSystem 11.2.0
Kopernicus (provide by RSS zip pack)
KSP-AVC v1.1.6.1
OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit
KSP_x64.exe -popupwindow

1. Noo more EXC, clean logs previos bugs from 11.1 fix \o/ h5 @KillAshley
2. ERR like, there are still there. same like 11.1

[ERR 18:14:58.312] [SurfaceObject]: Cannot return to original parent, it no longer exists.
[ERR 18:15:19.230] [DestructibleBuilding]: ID for this building is not defined correctly. Cannot unregister.

logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9RK2PFOUhe3Wmx4WnkxMnhfMWM/view?usp=sharing

they triger: Enter in VAB/SPH load any craft > lauch > fly few sec > revert > ERR it will be there

3. Stock M1-2 Command Pod & Stock Heat Shield 2.5 successful deorbig from 250 km orbit (noo RO or MiniRo use in this test only pure stock KSP & Stock RSS)
4. I see when craft is load on launch pad it experience a random violent jump up & down (like when physic kick in) what usual end in destroy vessel but i say agen IS RANDOM sometime this is happen sometime is fine, in case it happen just revert fly & all it will be fine
- This thing i was experience in to 11.1 to exact when i was get from https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealSolarSystem/commit/187ce588d132629fb4c99c132c9822e882d059fd  updated Earth.cfg file, but to be sure i will try to set back fix from KillAshley & test agen, but this i will do it later ...


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Hi is normal to have all ground unvisible since loading of other textures at height of circa 100km? Because when I launch rocket, all ground are off except oceans and KSC, but when I climb to circa 100km it show the ground....


Thanks for reply.



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Can ksp handle an object orbiting at the same distance the sun is from Sagittarius A? I was thinking about trying to add some of the nearby stars and known objects as an expansion to Real Solar System for those of us who want to use the warp drive

EDIT: and if it can does anyone know what the suns  apoapsis and periapsis are?

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Earth just looks so beautiful in 8k textures. I was playing on 2k with half res to keep my memory at 32bit levels before. I love 64bit KSP. Thank all of you so much for these amazing mods.

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Hello! Thank you for the mod!


I hve some question: why in technology tree, in sicene archive I have this... Stock system Kerbol...


All it work fine.. I  have only that problem...


Version 1.1.2 and Win 7





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Known Kopernicus bug. Work around is to start the game, load the save, and go straight into the R&D facility and you'll see the proper science archives. It's only once you go into some other building and back that the archives stop working, until the next time you restart the game.

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i think i found one small error in rss. I was looking at Titan, and i saw that Titan rotates much more faster than it's rotating speed. If i am right, titan's one day is equal to one tour around Saturn, and that is why Titan always show one same face to Saturn. But in game, Titan turns much more faster so it cannot show only one face to Saturn, but all faces :P



Edit : There were more weird stuff, all other saturn's moons were rotating around Titan lol. Then i went back to Earth and Tracking Station, and then somehow all of them fixed. Maybe some other mod caused that i don't know :D

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