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[WEB] KSP Players : a community platform to track and share your achievements

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Version 0.17 is online !


- Flight data added to publications

- Added "Statistics" tab on the profile

- New achievements (related to statistics)

- Achievement categories are now translated


- Added vote system

- 3 sorts for publications : date, views, votes

- ddded tab "Comments"

- Added 2 random publications at top of page

- Added support page for the project (now accept BitCoin donations)

- Ergonomic enhancements


- Improved connectivity between addon and platform

- Added new notification sounds

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Thanks Jérémy!

I have a few suggestions, just tell me what you think and pick whatever you think is interesting/doable within a lifetime :D:

- Add support for individual mission reports, each with several screenshots, and not only the general (i.e., unified) log.

- Add support for a posteriori edition of pictures (upload another one) and comments inside an individual report (if you later took a better screenshot for instance).

- Add support for reverse ordering of the screenshots within an individual report once you completed it (you would complete it with a "Confirm mission report" button validating all previous screenshots and comments since you initiated this report, and there would be an option for reverse ordering (oldest screenshot on top), resulting in a straightforward chronology for a mission report from the beginning to the end, as if it was a novel or story.

These three features would make it possible for users to upload mission reports, which is in my opinion much more interesting than a single unified report that can be messy if you tend to be unorganized or if you use to carry a lot of projects simultaneously in KSP. Think of it as Imgur albums, or any sequence of mission steps described with screenshots, but with much easier writing and easier upload of commented screenshots from the game, not requiring a lot of time sorting screenshots after your game.

A few additional ideas that may be useful, or may not:

- Add possibility to select an alternative host domain for uploaded pictures, which would save some space on your server and remove the 100 MB limit to users. This could be facultative, but users could for instance select Imgur or any other service for hosting the uploaded files, and KSP Players would just display the images hosted on the other service. I give the example of Imgur because it is very popular and because there are several open source uploaders available (which might help for the code I guess), but anything would do as long as it is fast and devoid of bloat or ads everywhere.

- Add BBCode and/or Markdown export feature on each individual report. This would just export to the clipboard all the pictures and comments you uploaded through the plugin, and pictures would be formatted like [*url=KSP Players' URL of mid-size image (where there is a comment field) or full size.jpg][*img]large thumbnail. This way you can easily share your mission report on your favourite KSP fan or official forum, or subreddit, and still route viewers to KSP Players pages.

I know the last idea might feel contradictory to the purpose of KSP Players which is to gather players in the same place an promote sociality, but a good way for that would be to offer the possibility to show the reports everywhere, and to make the report lead to that centralized place. More viewers = more users.

Hope you'll consider some of the ideas!

Edited by Korb Biakustra
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Version 0.18 is online !


- Added new achievements related to new objective system and Asteroid Redirect Mission pack

- Added "Message Of The Day" on the website homepage and when startup the game

- Improved sorting of achievements in the addon / website to highlight achievements added in each new version.

- Deleted statistic "Recovered vessels"


- It is now possible to create missions to organize your publications. At the moment, it is only possible on the website.

- You can manage your account (avatar, profile visibility, password etc..) directly from your profile page. Lein the "Manage My Account" from the main menu has therefore been deleted.

- Improved layout of the News page

- The About page has been deleted. Its content is now in the FAQ.


- Added objective system for achievements ! For now, the progression is stored in memory by the addon. It is lost if the game is restarted.

- Landers will no longer need a telescopic ladder.

- Adding a sound notification when the platform is under maintenance.

- Fixed a bug on automatic identification when the platform is under maintenance.

- Fixed bug FS#152 (Bug succès "Planter un drapeau sur Kerbin")

- Fixed bug FS#153 (Problème de détection du type de vaisseau)

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Hello Korb Biakustra,

Thank you for all these very pertinent suggestions. As you can see, the individual mission report feature is implemented in version 0.18 (deployed one hour ago) ;-)

There are lot of features planned for next versions... A lot of work ^^ I think I will add posteriori edition and ordering of publications soon. They are almost essential features.

For the moment, I have enough space on the hosting server to store pictures. But, if the numbers of users grows up, I will consider adding host domain to store images.

BBCode / Markdown export feature is a nice idea !

Thank you for your support.

Feel free to talk about the project around you ^^

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Version 0.18.5 is online !

It is a version that fixes most bugs reported via the bugtracker.


- Removed Adsense banner ;

- Global statistics moved to main menu ;

- Thousand separator added to statistics ;

- Other optimizations ;

- Fixed cache problem after achievement reset ;

- Fixed wrong username for publication in the comments tab ;

- Fixed blank page displayed on all website ;


- Fixed detection of achievement "Top technology" (R&D) ;

- Enhanced method used to detect asteroids ;

- Enhanced detection of dockings ;

- Fixed display of achievement notification window ;

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The language barrier might be one of the main problem with your site. Even if you switch your language to English, you still see tons of posts in French. In-game, if you check the details of an achievement, everything is in French as well. I'm a French canadian so.. I do understand everything but I can understand the strain it can put on people. Perhaps you could find a way to separate the player content by language. This could help out. Otherwise, I really like your addon. That's the kind of thing that'd be awesome if it was included in the base game.

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Version 0.19 is online !

@BoomWav : the website content is now filtered by language. Thank you for your suggestion ;-)


- Two displays for publications on the profile: slideshow (default) or list ;

- Improved design of the top of the home page

- Filtering publications depending on the language (tabs Publications and Comments) ;

- Adding language (flag) next to each username ;

- Various design improvements ;


- Enhanced communication system between the addon and the site (no more disconnections on the chat ^ ^). Display the number of requests being processed and ping ;

- New interface: added a console as main window. Access tools and communicate more easily ;-) ;

- Tracker: display why the ship is not detected as a probe, lander, station etc... ;

- Display notifications in the console when complete achievements, connection, disconnection ;

- Each player is now automatically connected to the chat. The list of connected users is no longer displayed ;

- Added a button on the Login window that allows access to the registration form ;

- Fixed a bug on the launch detection ;

- Various optimizations ;

Console help

[Enter] : display console

[Esc] : hide console

Main commands :

/list : list connected users

/clear : clear console

/close : hide console

/profile <username> : show <username> profile

/vab, /sph /ts /sc : go to VAB, SPH, Tracking Station or Space Center. Save your flight before using these commands

/quit : quit the game

/logout : logout from KSP Players

/version : display game and addon version

Edited by jeremy51
Added changelog
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Brilliant add on! many thanks!

If I may add suggestions:

a user customizable chat filter would be a good feature including

- Exclude all connect/disconnect messages

- Language filter french/english (if possible)

a forum ribbon bar, or ribbon bar integration

Edited by Ricovandijk
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Version 0.20 is online !

This new version require KSP 0.90 or higher.

This major release contain a large amount of improvements. The website has been completely redesigned with objectives :

- Highlight the content posted by users

- Easy navigation and content search

- Optimize display for Tablets and Smartphones

- Prepare the platform for scalability and integration of future features

The add has also undergone some changes.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of changes.

I hope this new version will meet your expectations :-)


Presentation video


- New graphics !

- New logo !

- The "Profile" is now called the "Logbook", a name more suited to space context ^^

- Other change in terminology : "Missions" "Projects" and "Publications" "Posts ;

- Deleted public / private profile system ;

- Deleted "Message Of The Day" which is replaced by "News" panel on the website ;


- New homepage with side panels (last comments, podium, records, users online...) ;

- New logbook !

- Added search engine (users, posts, projects) ;

- New content manager (post edition, projects creation ...) ;

- Each user can now write his biography ;

- News are now in the homepage for direct access ;

- Navigate into project's posts with next / previous buttons ;

- Hypertext links are now clickable on comments ;

- Project's posts displayed in a timeline ;

- It's now possible to change language on the "Account settings" page ;

- Email must be confirmed on register form ;

- Added content in FAQ ;

- Auto detection of browser language arriving on website ;

- Lazy loading of images, bandwith optimising and pages loading time ;

- Refactoring and optimisations ;


- Addon now integrated in game toolbar ;

- Added new main window showing user's avatar and link to others features ;

- Detect addon updates with KSP Add-on Version Checker (KSP AVC) ;

- Deleted achievements notifications in the chat ;

- Icon's textures are now loaded in high resolution ;

- Deleted console commands /vab, /sph /ts /sc ;

- New protocol for addon / website communications ;

- Refactoring and optimisations ;

Edited by jeremy51
Added video
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Version 0.21 is online !

KSP 1.0 is highly recommended.

Your avatars were automatically uploaded and resized during the update. Please check that everything is good ;-)


- Addon version is now handled independently to allow updates to the website only ;


- You can now upload your avatar. This system allows to automatically resize avatars and improves the security of the platform avoiding loading external resources ;


- The menu window can now be moved and closed via a button ;

- Fixed a bug in KSP Players button display (KSP 1.0) ;

- Adaptation of science achievements to match new technology tree ;

Fly Safe !

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KSP Players (http://www.ksp-players.com/) Version 0.22 is online !

This new version require KSP 1.0.0 or higher.

Addon settings storage format has changed. You will need to login again and enable auto login if necessary.


- Added more than 50 achievements !

- Achievements reorganization in categories ;


- Rank position displayed next to each username (exemple : [42] ). This rank is calculated and updated every hour ;

- Added parameter to subscribe / unsubscribe from project newsletter in account settings form ;

- Posts assigned to a project are displayed again on the home page and the logbook ;

- Avatars transparency now work ;

- Fixed an issue on French browser language detection ;

- Technical optimizations ;


- Adding a window that allows you to setup the addon. New parameters will be added as needed;

- Rank displayed next to user avatar. Rank is updated at each connection ;

- Improved design of the main menu and achievements browser ;

- Fixed an issue on default avatar load ;

- Addon settings are now stored in an XML file ;

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KSP Players (http://www.ksp-players.com/) Version 0.23 is online !


- Hangar added. Share your creations and test those of other users !


- Thumbnail of the last ships displayed on the homepage ;

- Added advanced search form for crafts ;

- Added Hangar tag on the logbook ;

- Added management interface for crafts (the user can set a YouTube video and upload images) ;

- Added comments and "Like" system on all publication types (posts, projects and crafts) ;

- Added overview on mouse hover (posts and crafts) ;

- Added donors list ;

- Features presentation on the homepage ;

- Added new statistics on homepage : crafts number, craft downloads and posts viewed ;

- Show the 10 last comments and 10 last registered users (5 before) ;

- Fixed bug on usernames formatting ;

- Added text on the footer indicating that KSP Players is not affiliated with or KSP Squad ;

- Ergonomic enhancements ;

- Technical optimizations (security, SEO, libraries upgrade, refactoring) ;


- Added Hangar window that allows you to browse in crafts library and load them directly in the editor ;

- Added upload button to publish crafts on library (take screenshot, get vessel technicals characteristics, delta-v and detect addon used) ;

- Added system to download images from website and put them in a memory cache ;

- Added system to index parts provided by addon (used when uploading craft) ;

- Bug fix on achievement "Laythe Sagen Sea" ;

- Message displayed on top left when loading / unloading addon ;

- Technical optimizations ((refactoring, memory consumption) ;

Fly safe ;-)

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On 10/12/2015 09:51:29, imerg said:

This mod isn't realy known. This is sad. This is amazing :

The sharing of the crafts,

The objectives,...

Yes it's true. There are more and more english people but the project isn't know on this forum...

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On 15/2/2016 at 2:11 PM, Treble Sketch said:

Wow, this is an amazing mod! I'm surprised that not a lot of people know about this site and mod.

Would it be alright if I included it inside a small article I will be writing about on some Mods around the community?

@Treble Sketch : yes of course ;-)

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