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Stuck at Loading after Model Addition

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Hello member of this fine community.

I recently downloaded this game, and found it to be quite a lot of fun, with a good community and hoped I could add some really high quality models/textures in the mix especially with the coming of normal map support. However, after a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get a model into the game I've come up empty handed. I was able to take a look at some of the other mod packages and deduce that my problem is purely in export of the model. After adding the part the game proceeds to load infinitely. I haven't seen anyone post about this problem, and boy, I've looked. So any help would be appreciated.

I know I have to make a folder with the textures (in it's own folder) the model in an obj or dae format, and a part text document outlining what the part uses.

I've exported a test object, to take the place of a solid booster, to demonstrate my dilemma. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, it seems to be the optimal choice.


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Yeah, I'd love to throw together something to help people out, but I'd rather not until I figure out this whole 'node' business so people can properly attach it to to stock models.

Currently, it's giving me a headache. I spent hours messing with the part text document, creating attach and and stack nodes. I even tried the SDK's 3ds max script to properly find the coords, but after that my game would turn bright pink and my model would show up on the loading screen. I think it's just a really odd bug. I'm going to try again tomorrow though.

What I mean: tomorrow.png

There seems to be a handful of people that have the importing down pat, like Jaanus and Jack. I'd keep asking around.

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ok thanks, your work will mean alot of people, it would also be possible to work back words and make a detailed wiki/video tutorial of the process

*ive used 3dsmax before but i am far from proficient and i feel many others are the same way

credit will definitely be given to help with this

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Does anyone have some tips for me? I'm trying to take what I did before, and apply to it an actual rocket mesh. I have the mesh, and a copy named node_collider, which worked for the red box.

I also have a folder named textures, which has the texture, and a cfg which is correctly linked to all the mesh's info. Yet, when I put the folder into the program, it infinite loads or the screen turns pink.


I've even been comparing my .cfg to one that has been released in a working package, I see no discrepancies of merit. What could possibly be causing this package to get rejected by the program? :-[


On a side note, I tried out the SDK, but to no avail. It doesn't want to open any folders, and when I try to open a mesh it says it can't find the directory.


If it helps anyone diagnose this, I renamed the module from 'RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster' to 'SolidRocket' and the program now doesn't crash on start up, but it does do this;


It loads everything but my mesh. This just gets odder :P

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On a side note, I tried out the SDK, but to no avail. It doesn't want to open any folders, and when I try to open a mesh it says it can't find the directory.

Copy the contents of the SDK folder to your KSP folder and PartLab should work.

I have the mesh, and a copy named node_collider

Maybe the collision mesh is too complex. Try a simple cylinder as node_collider.

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I switched the copied rocket node collider with a simple 10 sided cylinder like you suggested whilst renaming all the files and was able to get it in game. It works well within the engine... butttt once again these pesky surfaces aren't sticking together.


This is my method for trying to get the mesh to connect correctly. I'm sure it's not the right way to go about this >.<


Is it because the bottom of my rocket is convex?


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The actual model itself can be concave, the collision mesh has to be convex. Concave non-collision mesh parts shouldn't cause a problem.

Also, I'm not sure how the game handles this, but check for backfaces/flipped normals.

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I don't think that's the issue. I always unify my normals before exporting. I think it's either an export or cfg problem. After much fudging around with another model's part file (setting the stack bottom node's z position to 0) I was able to get the attachment to be just right (considering the entire thing is a body.) And decouples are attaching nicely onto it.


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Thanks for the tips/tricks/advice everyone! I think I have this importation thing down pat, and can hopefully start making great models! I'll finish this thread up with a little satellite I made.


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Very good work!

Some suggestions:

Could you manage to make it deploy the solar sails at activation, just like a parachute? Thus you can stage it - activation in the stage after the jettison... Would look better on the rocket and at deployment.

Add a 'nerfed' decoupler with decoupling thrust 1, so you get a extremely slow decoupling, and it looks just like the original.

Make that decoupler with very low damage resistance - I did it for my satellite, which was merely ejecting a hacked fuel tank into orbit, and the decoupler smacked into the 'satellite' sometimes, damaging it.

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