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Setting up for plugin development - New Developer Question

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Ok, so I'll get straight to it: do you need to load up Unity and then PartTools if you're only going to be coding a plugin (i.e. without any parts added)?

I set up Xamarin (formerly MonoDevelop, it says) on my machine, installed the Mono frameworks, and pointed my project to pull the UnityEngine.dll inside the KSP app. But, the code I'm using (from another plugin at the moment, I'm still learning C#) references KSP.IO, and the compile failed saying KSP.IO couldn't be found. More errors were there, but I think they're all related to this anyway.

So I came to two possible conclusions: 1) I need Unity and PartTools to have that namespace, 2) I just have no idea where the file that creates that namespace is.

And maybe I'm just too new at this to know any better! :) Either way, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hm, I've just set up Visual Studio Express and pointed to UnityEngine.dll as well as Assembly-CSharp.dll - works for me.

I knew it was something simple. I pointed to the Assembly-CSharp.dll and the errors went taken care of. Well, at least the ones my coding didn't induce! Thanks for the tip.

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