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Any engineers or scientists in da house?


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Game Programmer here - i like to think of myself as something of a Mad Scientist / Rocket-Surgeon with A.D.D. who knows how to tell a computer what to do (and more often than not, it even obeys ;D)

i actually graduated in the same thing as my Brother HarvesteR... heck, he was on my group for the graduation project (we were the only two in a group of seven who actually got work done) ::)

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Bachelors Engineering Technology, Mechanical Specialization.

But I haven't done anything mechanical w/ it since I graduated in 1996. :P

KSP is the first thing I've really applied the systematic discipline of engineering to.

I started out w/ all (except one test w/ the NERVA) parts to determine what configurations work and don't work.

My conclusions and data, in probably excessive detail are here:


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Sophomore in Political Science and Economics. Yeah, useless degrees for rocketry, but I've been enamored with aerospace since the first time I flew (3 y/o), and, up until two years ago, I was going to major and Aerospace Engineering.

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