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KMP v0.1.5.1 [0.23] [alpha] [inactive]

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I've been building and testing the latest version from git, also been in touch with the developers.


In the next version, the saftey bubble can be changed by setting "safetyBubbleRadius".

Cool-beans! Sounds like a great upcoming update, was it hard to compile?

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So in the next version where you can set the bubble range:

-The bubble is now a cylinder.

-You can change the radius of the cylinder, but not the height

-the height is hard coded at 35,000

-the default radius is 20,000

-the center point seems to be somewhere between the VAB and the launchpad (close to where Jeb is standing)

-setting the radius to 0 will cause collisions between simultaneous launches on the runway/launchpad. (but you could set up a queue system for launches)

-1500 radius will cover the runway end to end, and cover the launchpad. The edges of the radius are just a little past each end of the runway.

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It looks like KMP lags. I had same lags even when playing on my own server.

All bugs that had to be fixed for 0.1.3 were fixed, now we are only awaiting TehGimp to release it publicly!

0.1.3 should bring : More stability improvements, initial gameplay fixes (initial-sync issues & sync-to-subspace issues)


0.1.4 will bring Gameplay fixes (remaining sync issues, space-plane related fixes)

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Is there any way that an extra launchpad could be added, so that we can launch simultaneously and see each other on the way up? That would be really awesome. The second launchpad doesn't even need to use the launcpad model, it could just be a place on the ground that is designated as a launch area.

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It is a combination of KMP and the latency between both players and the server. I am not sure how much of this fixes but in general communication between the players and the server was greatly reduced with compression and overall performance increases. should be released soonâ„¢

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All bugs that had to be fixed for 0.1.3 were fixed, now we are only awaiting TehGimp to release it publicly!

It will be released when it's ready. If you've been watching the past few days, it's reached 100% and near 100% a few times before more bugs are added. The due date has also been pushed a few times. I love this mod and am excited for the latest release, but things can always pop up so I wouldn't say it's done until it's released.

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A couple of the mods for KSP, notably kethane, use the persistence file that is essentially regenerated each time you connect to the server and so resetting all the data for these mods. Looking at the code it doesn't look like there is an easy way for a mod to inject persistent data into the system as it stands, although my c# is very rusty so I'm happy to be corrected on this. I'm mostly wondering if anyone knows of a workaround for this.

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I have a couple of questions :

Is it possible/likely that squad will buy this technology off you guys, or hire the creators of this mod, so that multiplayer can become a streamlined part of the stock game? The software implementations required to make it work is not a simple thing, it's gotta be worth a decent chunk of change, and a lot of Kerbal players want multiplayer. I mean, who wouldn't want to show off their ships?

How daunting a task is campaign integration? Ideally, upon login to a server, a player would have a separate tech tree file created for that player detailing what that player currently has unlocked and how many science points they have. They would be restricted by the server to ships that use parts they unlocked, and science points would be server-side for that server only.

Of course, I'm not sure if anything stops a player from hacking the game in several ways to cheat this, such as editing their stock ships to act like they are from star trek, or simply telling the server they just gained 100,000 science points...

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I'm running a server designed to support mods. To keep everyone on the same page and to speed up installation I'm bundling the mods together into repacks, with the associated KMP part list file included with all of the parts added. I'm also looking at various ways to help integrate different mods into KMP, weather that be a small patch, or in the larger scheme a separate client. The goal of the separate client being to synchronize Kethane / Mapsat / whatever data KMP does not directly handle at the moment. So far the secondary client is in concept stage, but I have patched kOS to clear a game breaking bug, and that's working well. Any modified versions of mods (patched for some reason or another) will have the source posted along with the repack, non altered mods can be downloaded from their respective forum posts and on spaceport. The mod versions will be posted inside the repack as well.

Kerbal Modified Multiplayer

Server: kmmp.servegame.com:2076

Server Info: kmmp.servegame.com:8081

Repacks/General Info: kmmp.servegame.com

Current Version: repack002

Mods as of now:


Deadly Reentry Continued v3


ISA Mapsat 4 Dev Build 2


Kethane 0.8

Lazor System v31

KAS v0.4.4

OrbitalConstruction Redux

Extraplanetary Launchpads v3.3

kOS Scriptable Autopilot v0.9.2 (modified)

Known Issues: Kethane data is stored in the persistence file, in the KMP save directory. It is unclear what happens to this data when switching servers, before switching servers, it's recommended that you back up this persistence file, or risk loosing your scan data. This would be one of the first things any future client would handle behind the scenes until KMP / Kethane / anything else decide to play nice together.

I'm also going to be running a testing server under the same url, different port, for the latest dev-build of KMP, assuming I can keep up. The latest release will always be on 2076. Information on that will be found on the site and in the MOTD.

Any requests to support other mods are welcomed, and the mod list will be changed / added upon very soon. Mods that do not contain parts, (SelectRoot, EnhancedNavball, Fusebox) are generally client independent and are not included in the repack, use at your discretion.

Just wanted to bump up this server, it's really awesome!

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I'm trying to create my own server, and it seems to launch fine. However the client cannot connect, on the client side it appears to not even make an attempt. The server sees the client trying to connect, but fails the handshake immediately.

I have absolutely no idea what it wants me to do.

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I think it'd be SPECTACULAR if someone involved with this mod would set up a web site with wiki for the mod, including all of the detailed information that today rests in the OP. In particular, I think the wiki should have an area where server operators can list standardized information about thier servers. (name, ip, location, joining procedures, required mods for server, contact information for operators, etc)

good idea?

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Good, now I have only to wait a good server which has a good amount of players, then I will use my ultra powerful ICBM which can get into orbit and destroy his vessel(it would be amazing play this mod in a server without the public/private things, why would someone play ksp multiplayer when he only wants their ships for only his uses?)

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I keep getting disconnected because I am "running too slowly" compared to other players. What does this mean? My framerate? My connection speed? My MET clock is running too slowly?

This is usually because your client fails to keep up with other players (in terms of the physics simulation speed) in the same subspace for a long time, even with the server repeatedly sending it "catch-up!" messages. You can sometimes work around this by flying smaller vessels, warping to your own subspace (if no one syncs with you, there won't be anyone to keep up with), or playing on a server that is closer to you so that latency isn't as big a factor. I'm working on an improved same-subspace-sync mechanism that may allow the server to "slow down" a subspace under certain circumstances to give those that are running slow for whatever reason a chance to keep pace.

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Hey, I have been attempting to host up a server on our local webserver/linux box - we have mySQL and mono installed already, but may be having some other issues.

Here is the log, appended with a modified .exe so you can see the program trace better:


[00:59:40] [Error] : Unexpected exception encountered! Crash report written to log file

[00:59:40] [Error] : System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException: SQL logic error or missing database

Failed to initialize logging.

at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteLog.Initialize () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0


It seems to be crashing at this line in the .cs:

universeDB = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=:memory:");

Note: There is no KMP_universe yet created, although adding it does not resolve the issue. I *would* post it as an issue on Git, but I am unsure whether its a one-off thing.

EDIT: Issue found on Git, issue resolved

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Issue posted on Git
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