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I am trying to build Serenity from Firefly. I want to build it picture perfect, with mods included... Where would yall begin with the mods, and what is reasonable to expect from the mods? I really want to make it where I can fly around the Solar system however I want and make it my sort of universal explorer.

But most of all I want the VTOL capablility and atmo flight...

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If you want some advice with mods, this might be better off in the Addon discussion sections. A more descriptive thread title would not go amiss either.

It's probably okay here, but I can move it, if you like.

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Infernal Robotics and B9 Aerospace will be good starting point.

Like mentioned above, your gonna need the robotics to rotate the engines for VTOL use. B9 has some odd shaped hulls (odd as in not like stock), that may help with the Serinitys shape and design.

Past that Im at a loss, the Serinity has such an odd shape and orientation to it...its gonna be a real challenge to get something that looks close(without custom made parts), even moreso to get it flying right.

Make sure as you work on this you post screenshots, not just finished parts mind you, but anything...proof of concept builds, ideas on how to do certain parts. You will find that ALOT of KSP players are visual type learner/thinkers. One simple little screenshot can lead to a cascade of ideas where before there was nothing.

Best of luck to ya bud =)

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Shiny! you're also on the quest to make the greatest little "boat". I started building serenity a while back, but my attempt got over-complicated and I'm planning to start again. I went too detailed and the goram part count became a problem (I had internal walkways in the cargo section, several crew sections and had two small shuttle craft). The biggest problem is the rotating engines. At the time I tried to make her, the rotating parts where not strong enough to hold the large engines needed to lift her off the ground. But now Infernal Robotics (the replacement for damned robotics) has got some better hinges and rotators so that will help a lot.

The problem with making Serenity is that basically she's an SSTO-VTOL with interplanetary capabilities, and SSTO's are hard at the best of times. But she's a strangely balanced (and in my case very heavy) SSTO which makes it all the more tricky. (also Serenity is also a FTL craft, but I'm not interested in mods that offer FTL engines).

Anyway, being hard is no reason to not attempt it! So my suggestions as to the mods you'll need are, Infernal Robotics (for the rotating parts) and B9 aerospace for panel sections which will help reduce part count as they're larger than the stock panels (which I'd used). You'll prob also want KW rocketry or novapunch for a selection of different sized fuel tanks. Quantum Struts to use a 'locks' to re-enforce the engines when they're not turning.

This is what my first (incomplete) design looked like. She could just about hover but as soon as I tried to turn the engines (which required switching off the Qstruts) they'd flop about and I'd loose control.


Good luck with your attempts. Personally I think Serenity is my favourite SciFi craft and I just LOVE the series and film (you may have noticed the quote in my sig). My love of the series is only matched by my hatred of FOX for cancelling it!

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Sounds great! Thanks Guys!

I need to get some basic learning done on these mods (a few "practice" builds to get learning done) and I will definitely jump on this...

I got to think about this while I was riding my bike in the rain. I want to do the cargo bay (I think I want to put a rover in it) but the rest I may turn into fuel storage... I don''t know, we shall see how I get 'er done.

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One of the biggest issues to overcome with a build like this is balance and CoM. KSP likes everything to be all neat and symetrical.

I would suggest making the 'base' of the ship mostly structure, and as light as you possibly can. Then as you flesh out the ship in both looks and functionality you can add fuel tanks to set and maintain the balance of the overall ship.

@kat: very nice build ya got going there...just curious what version of IR your using, as now they have a special vtol rotator thats BEEFY! Can handle some high thrust. For on the fly stuff like this Id stay away from Quantum struts, not that Im against the mod, but it does break physics a bit, and that can cause issues.

Would STRONGLY suggest you look at the rigid joints mod Ferram released recently, its just awesome in general, but would really help with part count and stability in a project like this.

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@KhaosCorp actually you're right, Qstruts can cause some really strange things to happen. I've not tried this design again since IR came out, that attempt was done (a while ago) when DR was still the primary moving part mod and it's rotators couldn't hack it. I've seen the new IR parts and they do look much better.

Will also look at the rigid joints from Ferram, I'd not heard of that. Thanks!

There are no interstellar craft in Firefly - as they say in the intro, the Verse is all in a single planetary system.

ah, tbh I'd presumed faster than light travel cos while it is one system, its has 5 main sequence stars, four of which orbit a central star. So I figured distances involved where still pretty big and they get places without needing cryostasis. Anyway I've gone OT, soz OP.

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Update: I'm being a bit of a perfectionist (which is rare for me) so its taking a while. I'm starting at the cockpit (I always thought of the serenity as a swan in its shape, so if i relapse into using neck, head and the sort, please bear with me). I am relying heavily on B9 aerospace parts, and I think I have figured out how I am going to get the VTOL engines to work. I'll post a screenshot of Serenity daily or maybe even bi daily if I make enough progress. I'll be running seperate tests to work on my knowledge of how to get the VTOL to work. Also, for future reference, If you can find a lego version of it it helps bunches!!

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My understanding is that Serenity travels at the speed of plot, so to my mind any form of propulsion you use would be fair. Besides I seriously doubt Mal would object to having her made even more spiffy than she already is!

The warp drive is a great idea, btw. The ship in the show clearly has some sort of advanced propulsion system in the back. Besides, that way you could post a pic of her doing a Crazy Ivan! Like a leaf. on. the. wind.

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The liberal application of redbull and firefly is helping the process along.

I erased what I had before and started over.





Let me know what you think. I'm going to get to the body and get the front door frame in place and I'll jump over to a minor project to get my mind off of it temporarily.

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I've completed the nose, neck and cargo hold. I need to build the "engine compartment" and the wings and whatnot. I need to run some simulations to see if the rotation can handle the kind of force I will put on it...

I am planning on using the KW rocketry's dual engine (The rocket and jet combonation). I want to be able to use those in and out of atmo. I need a mod for a warp drive for the rear of the craft, I guess I need to look for it.

She will be able to haul cargo when I am done. She looks a little rough, but she is gonna fly really well.

I am worried that the cargo bay is just barely gallywopped with the neck section. I guess at this point you want me to shut up and provide pictures...





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