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Screenshots not working?



I can find my .21 screenshots, but I cannot find any that I made since using .22. I've hit f1, and assumed a shot was taken, but I can't find them, even by searching my computer for new files.

Had a installation issue that broke the files up. was given the solution here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/56783-Hidden-files

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Do you have the steam version? If so just use f12 and it's all gravy.

Right click on the steam icon in your little tray thingy at the bottom, click screenshots and the rest is pretty self explanatory.

If you don't have the steam version then I'm sorry for wasting both our time.

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Does this mean doing a re-install?

Not necessarily. If you open up your KSP/settings.cfg and search (ctrl F) for screenshot you should find the following:



primary = F1

secondary = None

group = 0

switchState = Any


If it's not in there and searching for screenshot gives no results, try pasting that bit in, on my config it's below TOGGLE_STATUS_SCREEN (and its brackets).

Restart your game after saving those changes and then try. If it still doesn't work, yeah reinstall would hopefully fix it. Before you reinstall though, I'll answer your following question..

Will I have to lose my career up to this point?

No. If you look in your KSP/saves folder there'll be a folder for each of your saves. You can save specific ones (backups are always good) or the entire saves folder. Copy it to elsewhere on your HD before reinstalling.

Hope that helps.

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Then I must have a hidden files thang going on as all I have in the Saves folder is Scenario and Training folders, and I couldn't find the .craft files I wanted to move from my career to my sandbox.

The game works fine otherwise, but I'll recheck my permissions as something is going on keeping me from viewing these files.

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