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Google Picture War RELOADED


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with an a-OK from the mods:

from original thread:

Another thread 'borrowed' from Facepunch, the game is simple, use pictures to defeat or destroy the above picture.


Person A: *Picture of a gun*

Person B: *Picture of a bullet-proof vest*

EDIT2: Note, that you cant just post the same picture again and again, eg, and the end right now, ascen is using the same character 3 times. despite being slightly different, hes using the same Poyo! to kill the picture. if he does that, then it will make the game less interesting, because his solution is always gonna be the same.

Added rules/conditions by me for this one:

1. NO MLP RELATED CONTENT(Personal pref, will also most likely keep it from another derail.), This includes but is not limited to: MLP, MLP:FIM, Hasbro MLP toy line, actual ponies photoshopped to look like MLP:FIM/MLP G1 characters/OCs, etc...

2. If an infinite loop occurs: step 1: inform me, a mod or anyone else. step 2: sit and think step 3: post your loop breaker.

3. again, no excessive repeats

4. it must either negate or destroy the above picture, simply being there is not acceptable.

5. If it does not comply with rule 4, ignore it or report it.

6. please refrain from using black-holes, white-holes and big bang/crunch/freeze/bounces, these cause infinite loops conflicting with rule 2.

7. No content directly relating to a tradgedy. It can be used, but so long as it is not in direct reference.

Have fun, follow the rules, and please keep it on topic.

Take discussions elsewhere(PMs or discussion threads, I care not which.)


I have nothing against anything(aside from MLP content), so long as it does not conflict with rule 4.


I'll start this one off with one of the first computers:


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btw: Not a brony here, but a total ban on mlp content will alienate a lot of people. I suggest that pony pictures should only be banned from being posted twice in a row or more; individual pony posts won't derail the whole thread and should be allowed.

While I would agree to this, note that 99.9999999(...)% of MLP content cannot negate or destroy anything.

Back OT:


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I was gone for one full day and the Google war is gone. And you know the thread will go into MLP at one point. Its inevitable. I could make a MLP Google war if anyone wants. And derailments always happen. And i don't like doing this game with a brony hating ass who puts more then 3 rules on a game.

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