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Will you press the button?

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20 hours ago, kerbinorbiter said:

if you press my button you win the lottery 100 times

Ok. Pressing.
(Can't read the rest of the phrase - monitor is too dusty.)


A big rusty iron button with a smiling emoji.

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Presses button:
"Ah Waiter! There's a fly in my soup!"
"indeed Sir, they appear to be getting in from another thread.

Waiter presses the button, morphs into a spider and lands in my soup.

I change the button text to "Auto Wipe" and leave.



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Of course! Of course!
Now I get the most gold in the world, zillions of already unshelled oysters (staying alive (that also means fresh) until I eat them - by definition) as unlimited food supply and million years of life to eat them.

The button stays the same. Don't hesitate to press it again, but (sorry) the gold and oysters are already exhausted.

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*presses the button* If I wake up early, I can put myself back to sleep. :wink: 


Funding for space exploration vastly increases across the globe but it puts every major superpower in competition. (I would press the button)

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