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Real Spacecraft Project (Soyuz, ISS and others)


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This is the thread for my trys to repilcate the ISS and most of its supply ships (maybe some other spacecrafts of the modern time too) only with stock parts. I try to keep the part count low and build flyable crafts instead of making photorealistic models. I start out with the Soyuz, at the moment the most important spacecraft for the ISS.

This is actually an outdated simplified version of the Soyuz. Now I made it even more accurate with cluster engines...


...an advanced escape tower and the original "gap" between the second and third stage.


Here ar some more pictures of staging, the ascent and the actual capsule in orbit:




hot staging at work :D


third stage can be deorbited


"Soyuz capusel and crew inside are now safely in orbit. All antennas and solar arrays have been deployed"

3 versions of the craft can be downloaded at spaceport: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/soyuz-replica/

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So It's mine version ^^

I always admired your work teo :) Don't think I could ever improve on you when it comes to photorealism. Instead I set my goal to keep the part count low ^^

I'm pretty sure there's going to be a new Russian module or "Multipurpose Laboratory Module with European Robotic Arm (ERA)" to the space station soon (April 2014)

yes, I think you refer to the nicknamed "Nauka" I already included it in my station.

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I spent the last few days assembling this station and I really enjoyed it. Some of the parts are an absolute pain to rendezvous and dock and I will admit to using the infinite fuel cheat a couple of times, but I finally got it all up. Now I can just sit back, admire it and send screenshots to friends and show them what KSP is all about and why I enjoy it so much.

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I thiNk you're missing the PIRS airlock module....

I build the Station in it's final state. PIRS will be replaced in 2014 by Nauka.

Tip: Make the solar arrays wider by 2 more segments, each side had 4 arrays, your sides have only 2 each.

You are right. I thought about that, but felt that the whole array would then be too wide in propertion to the rest of the Station. At least each Gigantor solar panel itself consits of two segments...


i'm glad that you like it :) However I apologize for the crappy launchers ^^

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I worked on a much more photorealistic Soyuz-TMA replica :D


The thing is now an actual 3 man spacecraft and it seperates the orbital module properly. But the insane partcount makes it nearly impossible to dock it to the Kerbal Space Station.

Ascent and Reentry:

2013_11_16_00001.jpg 2013_11_14_00001.jpg

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This is the next spacecraft of my series: Europes unmanned Transporter ATV :)

Craftfile Download

This is the more realistic version of the craft, it has a bit too many parts for easy dockings with the Kerbal Space Station.


The more practical version docked to the KSS:


I already included a rear docking port, that is planned for the future of the real ATV. It enables you to build small Space Labs that can be manned e.g. by Soyuz crews.


The carrier rocket Ariane 5:


Booster Engine Cut-Out and Seperation :D


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@Teo, I'm pretty sure there's going to be a new Russian module or "Multipurpose Laboratory Module with European Robotic Arm (ERA)" to the space station soon (April 2014)

Well, this post is funny now.

Rune. And serves as a lesson in what to expect from Roscosmos.

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I reuploaded the crafts and made a new video with all of them. Also including the japanese HTV and the Cygnus

Download craftfiles:


Replicas of the ISS and of its various supply ships in stock KSP!

Included spacecrafts:

All space station modules

Soyuz TMA





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