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This will be a entire forum set for the specs of your computer, I guess I will start out with a common table of how the post "layout" will go.

  • Brand (company that made it)
  • Type of CPU (Say if multi-cored or/and overclocked and to what extent)
  • Type of GPU (list the ammount of VRAM)
  • Amount of hard drives (list the total memory)
  • Ammount of RAM (list how many RAM "sticks" you have and at what amount [Gigabytes])
  • What kind of cooling system you have.
  • How old it is
  • other accessories you have (specialty keyboard/mouse)
  • Cost (You do not have to disclose this if you do not want to)

For myself it would be

  • Alienware/dell
  • 8 core overclocked to 4.6 GHz
  • AMD Radeon 8950 Series (3gb)
  • 32 gb of RAM at 4x8gb
  • Water cooled with a radiator along with hard drive fans and GPU fan
  • Less than one year (4 months) [old one broke will have the same system for 1 year in feburary]
  • I have a lighted keyboard and mouse
  • The cost for all of it was $4,500.00

So have fun comparing it with "MLG" computer(s) and your average everyday computer.

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and it runs mac...

But in all seriousness,

Model Name: iMac

Model Identifier: iMac12,1

Processor Name: Intel Core i5

Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz

Number of Processors: 1

Total Number of Cores: 4

L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

L3 Cache: 6 MB

Memory: 8 GB

so... yeah...

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Brand: Myself

CPU: Intel i5 2500K 4 cores. Overclocked to 4GHz

GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD7850 2GB (I'm probably going to get another and crossfire them soon)

RAM: 8GB (2x4)

Why is there no motherboard in the layout?: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H

PSU: Antec HCG 620m

Cooling system: Currently air only. I'm using a stock heatsink but I've forgotten the name. Probably going to start watercooling soon.

How old is it: 11 months

Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 because I like the backlit keys

Mouse: Some old Microsoft one I've had for a while

Cost: About £600 or about $1000.

One last thing. No offense but in my opinion Alienwares are rip offs and you should have built it yourself.

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  • Home built
  • Intel 6750 dual core @ 3.4 GHz
  • AMD 6850 1GB
  • 4GB 2 Gigabyte sticks @ 4-4-4-12
  • Tuniq tower air cooled
  • 2008 build except video card went 8800 gtx to 460 768mb to current card, and small boot ssd
  • ~$1800. Way overspent for ram, so should have been lower, but selling used video cards to help buy the next one can really drop the $/day for your system long term

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i5 3570k quad [email protected] 4.5ghz

Cooled by a coolermaster hyper 212 evo and a gigantor 230mm case fan

eVga GTX 670 FTW Signature 2 2gb (boosts to 1350mhz+ and runs nice and frosty)

2x 8gb Corsair Vengeance dd3 1600

Asrock Z77 EXtreme6

Rosewill Thor v2 Case

Thermaltake Smart M 850 watt psu

Razer Death Adder

An old emachines keyboard (lol)

Soundblaster recon (as much for the shiny shiny red lights as anything)

And an LG IPS236v monitor

Somewhere around $1k usd

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- Custom

- Intel Xenon 8 cores; stock at 4.0Ghz - overclocked to 4.5Ghz

- GeForce Triton 6Gb

- 64Gb RAM with 4 sticks

- CPU is cooled with an oil cooler system, the whole system is cooled by three case fans (Keeps the temp of about everything constant at around 29 degrees Celsius)

- Last week

- 3 30" desktop screens, 4 BOSE audio speakers which I have made custom wiring to connect into a custom jack to connect into the computer and Windows Ultimate 64-bit

- Cost? Well, um............ Put it this way, I had to save for a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time. Long time. That's all I'm saying about price.

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Brand: HP (h8-1011)

CPU: AMD 1065T - Hexcore @ 2.9GHz

Current GPU: HD 6770 1GB

Upgrade (in a month and a half): HD 7950 3GB

RAM: 12GB (3 x 4GB)

Cooling: Air Cooled

Age: A little over 2 years

Storage: 2 x 2TB HDD (one original, one added)

Logitech G600 mouse with stock keyboard

Maybe $900 new when I got it (CDN)

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Alienware Laptop (cos i thought a laptop would be usefull)

Some garbage quad i7 with 1.7ghz clock

Nvidia 460m 1.5gb (overclocked to 800mhz gpu and 1400mhz memory. It came out of the box seriously slow)

4gb of (probably) terribad ram.

The slowest hard drive availiable to mankind

3 years old now

£1200 when new

Cooling:The best part about the whole laptop. ITs still aircooled but even with the overclocked gpu its pretty cool in there.

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Brand: HP (h8-1011)

CPU: AMD 1065T - Hexcore @ 2.9GHz

Current GPU: HD 6770 1GB

Upgrade (in a month and a half): HD 7950 3GB

RAM: 12GB (3 x 4GB)

Cooling: Air Cooled

Age: A little over 2 years

Storage: 2 x 2TB HDD (one original, one added)

Logitech G600 mouse with stock keyboard

Maybe $900 new when I got it (CDN)

Just want to say I would suggest the 8950 series, I have that and it is the exact same as the old just some newer things, it is a little faster

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Brand: Home build

Type of CPU: Intel i7-4770

Type of GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 580

Number of hard drives: 120GB SSD and 2TB HDD

Amount of RAM: 2GB x 2

Cooling system you have: Stock on CPU and Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme on GPU

How old it is: CPU/RAM couple of weeks, GPU about 2 years

Other accessories: Nothing out the ordinary

Cost: More than I like to admit to

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Brand: Me! But I'm not home, so going from memory.

CPU - intel 2600k. Dat soldered IHS...

GPU - 4GB GTX 670 x2 in SLI

Drives - A bunch. 256G SSD for the OS, about 6 terabytes of WD Blacks in a single pool.

Ram - 16 gigs I wanna say? Kingston, 1833 I think. Faster ram was expensive and didn't seem worth the money.

Cooling system - All under water. It's beautiful.

How old - Well, the CPU is 2 or 3 generations old and the GPU is a generation old. Current build is right around a year old I think.

Other stuffs - Old joystick that I paid too much for, dual monitors on a stand, 3d capable (KSP gets weird effects so I don't use it, but racing sims and skyrim are freaking amazing in 3D.)

Edit - Oh yeah! I've also got an aquaero 5 LT controlling the cooling system. Fans are throttled based on the differential between the water temperature and the ambient air-- it's super quiet 99% of the time and has been running "set and forget" for months now. I can't think of a better method of fan control for a WC build.



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Lenovo Edge E530

Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3632QM @2.2GHz w/ hyperthreading enabled

8GB DDR3 @1.6GHz

Intel HD4000 IGP (at stock clock)

720GB HDD (have no idea about the RPM or transfer rates)

Laptop's around 4 months old, CPU was released last October, laptop model in November

And it actually runs Skyrim pretty well at 1080p with mediumish/high settings, which I'm quite surprised by, runs anything as well as a 360 can including BF3 (which left me flabbergasted)...

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Brand: Me, Myself and I

Processor: Intel i5 3.4GH quad-core

Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming motherboard

RAM: Crucial Ballitsx Sport 16GB

Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce 650 Ti 2G Vram

PSU: Corsair CX500M 500 watt modular

Case: Zalman Z11

Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red

Mouse: Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming mouse

Headphones: Steelseries Siberia V2

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Brand: Several smooshed together.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (4 cores, 2.4 GHz)

Mobo: Dell WG855 (Dell Dimension 9200/SPX 410 stock)^

RAM: 4 sticks, totaling 6 GB, whatever brand I could find lying around (DDR2)^

Graphics: Asus Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition (2 GB, the thing I'm most proud of in my system)

PSU: Apevia ATX-680W-BL

Case: Dell Dimension 9200 (Don't laugh...)^

HD: 4 internal SATAs totaling about 1.2 TB^

Keyboard: Some pretty sweet-looking Microsoft thing.^

Mouse: Some pretty sweet-looking blue Logitech wireless thing.

Cost to me: About $300

I know the Dimension 9200 is an absolutely ancient system. Don't laugh at me. Anything with the ^ symbol means I found it lying around my basement, where there are at least five old dismembered computers. Anything without that symbol I bought, because I wanted to pull the best possible performance out of a nearly decade-old PC. I think I did pretty well, as KSP runs 50-60 FPS almost nonstop on highest possible graphics (exception: reentry flames can bring my framerate down around 20 or so). Anything that maxes out on FPS makes me happy. I'm proud of what I've done to this old machine.

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  • 2 months later...

brand: alienware

processor type: intel core i7-4930MX 4.3gz

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M with 4GB GDDR5 - NVIDIA SLI Enabled

RAM: 32gb dual channel DDR3L ram at 1600mhz

cooling air ( 3 fans)

age:2 months

storage: 512GB mSATA Boot + 750GB SATA 6Gb/s (7,200 RPM) then an external 4tb hard drive

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Brand : Says Advent on the case

Processor Type : Says Intel Core 2 Duo on a sticker on the case

GPU : Geforce thing, 9500 something or other

RAM : Two of them

Cooling air : Whatever can get past all the dust and cat and dog hairs

Age : Older than some of you probably ;)

Storage : Two hard drives set up with a unique dual boot Linux\Windows system. I swap the cables over according to which operating system I want

Runs KSP really well with the kind of parts counts I typically use.

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Brand: None

Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640 @ 3ghz

Motherboard: Asus M4A78LT-M

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX650, 1GB GDDR5

RAM: 4GB, unsure of speed

Monitor: AOC 5glr

Cooling: Air cooled

Age: Main unit, over 3 years. GPU, about 8 months. Power supply: About a week. Monitor: 15 years.

Storage: 1TB SATA II HDD, 500GB USB3 HDD

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Mac Pro 2012

Quad core Xeon 3.3

6 GB ram ECC DDR3 . 3X2 sticks

2 SSDs 256GB for OSX and Win7

1 1 TB NAS rated slow drive for Debian , Redhat , and Chrunchbang * I use CB as a VM host for then many other Linux distros *

Redhat and Deb are native boot

1 1 TB WD black for Shared USER data between OSX and Wndowz .

ATI Stock GPU a 7550 1GB DDR5 card

3 screens in OSX mode and 2 in windows

Screen 1 and 2 are NEC Color matched displays at 19 Inch NON wide and NOT glossy and I have a same but 17 version as my 3rd screen .

( I use a mac for AV work )

Screen output 1 also gets spilt to the KSP SIM or a Epson Projector also at the same rez as the screen so I dont get aliasing. I run 1025 by 1280 for my main 2 and lesser on the 17 * so that things scale right *


cost the mac was $1440 I got it 2 days after black friday at FRYs .

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Custom Built with Asus

Cooler Master Stacker 830 Case

Xeon E3-1230

16 GB ECC DDR3 1333 RAM

2x 300 GB Velocirapter HDDs in RAID 0 config (2 years ago they were cheaper than the SSDs)

750 watt Corsair AX750 PSU

120 mm Noctua Heatsink

Radeon HD 7950 GPU

Initially built for applications such as Visual Studio, Matlab, and Multisim (thus the reason for the Xeon processor). It also gets used for some gaming.

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-Manufacturer: Gateway

-CPU: AMD Phenom 8450 triple core processor @ 2.1Ghz

-GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3200, 2 Gb

-Hard Drive: 1 Mechanical hard drive with 500 Gb

-RAM: Two sticks totaling 4 Gb

-Cooling: Stock fans

-Peripherals: Anker high precision gaming mouse- I got it for christmas Nothing special about any of the other peripherals

This computer is ~6 years old. While it still works fine, it's just doesn't run system intensive games very well (Including KSP!)

I hope to build my first computer over the summer.

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