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How do you design your craft to look?


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im 16 and honestly I do whatever I feel like doing. My biggest acheivements:

300 ton rover

900 ton launcher

1800 ton SpaceBattleship

60 ton Duna lander

270 ton Duna Station

And countless other craft... i make too many to count.

Oh, and I run the largest Rocket Company on these forums :D I love that thing, I have worked so hard to make ZS what it is. Look how many posts I have! :D

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35. And I just want to make my creations awesome in one way or another. I take design inspirations I see around the scene and try to take them to another level.

Exhibit A: I read in a Spacecraft Exchange Thread about multi hull spacecraft. Then I went and made this:

Exhibit B: I saw somebody use cargo bays to construct some kind of hangar. So I made this:

I always try to look for some kind of "sleek" design. A lot of the parts are always just there to make my creations just look better. But there is always purpose to the design. The Megacruiser has working Escape Pods and can carry cargo for instance.

Sure, there are probably ways to realize the things I want to do with less overengineered vehicles. But that's what makes this game so much fun for me: make the impossible possible. Realism is fine, but I want to be able to do crazy stuff. I already have to be sensible and efficient at work ;)

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Mostly for plausability/"realism", but i start making trade-offs as soon as doesn't work out with my playstyle anymore....

...for example i just put some insanely large asparagus pancake underneath a space-station just to get core into orbit with one launch. On the other hand, i go for streamlined satellite/probe launches with fairings that don't look like adult toys.

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I'm 16 and a 500-hour player, and I try to make my ships look simply acceptable. I try to avoid part clipping (beware the Kraken -- because of my discipline, it actually has never struck me) while still making my ships look realistic. For example, I don't use engines that are too small for the fuel tank I've used; I try to make my ships have as many smooth lines and edges as possible (no weird protrusions of battery stacks, SAS clumps, excessive monopropellant, etc.), and I try to make them as small, efficient, and as cheap as possible whilst still retaining some degree of realism (e.g. no pilots strapped into chairs passing through dense atmospheres at 5 G's).

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I'm 13 and like to make things that go boom! But seiously I use the BDarmory mod to make things that would be useful in a battle. I also like for fun to make a rocket with lots of fuel and see how far I can get. I also don't usually use something unless it looks cool. I am also not into rockets, spaceplanes for life!

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45, and see 5thHorseman's comment.

I build my craft to be cheap and effective with no regard for aesthetics.




SSTO crew shuttle


SSTO tanker, space station, interplanetary mothership


Simple Munar flyby probe


Reusable Munar lander


Merry Christmas. Now get offa mah lawn!



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