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wine users and mods!


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Performance can be an issue for some, and KSP runs quite fast in Wine, faster than Windows I've heard :)

Addons are installed in the exact same way as with the Windows version, or in fact the Linux and OSX versions, and can usually be extracted to the games own folder.

Otherwise, open the addon and check its readme, you can usually figure out where files go from the folder structure in the zip by comparing it to the games folders.

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it does run much faster in wine than windows, plus I just switched and don't want to buy the native version yet. very good new on the mods, thanks! I miss my mecjeb! any chance i could be pointed in the right direction of the kerble files?

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i don't know if i'm posting in the right place, but here it goes. so i'm running KSP on wine through steam. took me a day to get it running right being i'm new to Ubuntu, now my concern is mods. how do i install them? Thanks in advance!

A little off topic... but this may be of help to you.

If you run 64 bit Linux and 64 bit KSP, you must patch the 64 bit KSP executable, otherwise it will randomly crash if you load any .PNG textures (i.e. textures from a mod or textures you converted from MBM to PNG for editing purposes).

If you run 64 bit Linux and KSP, PM me for the patch info.

-- Roger

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