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Armageddon vs Deep Impact (1998)


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Two issues with deep impacts, why drill holes for the bombs, why not use the bombs in the orion drive, rotate them 180 degree and go off an suitable distance from comet.

Second was the blow up asteroid close to earth using all the bombs at once to get an happy ending was just as bad as Armageddon.

Also, the 'happy ending' would not be so happy... The fact they blew the asteroid into a million pieces does not change the fate of the Earth much. Most pieces still hit the Earth and with that kind of mass there is no 'burning up safely in the atmosphere'. There wouldn't be a single giant impact, but the total energy released would be the same. Even worse, all that energy would be pumped directly into the atmosphere.

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Tastes differ obviously - I'm also a big fan of sixties batman, with Batman: The Movie beeing the crown jewel of trashy entertainment. If you're more the 2001: A Space Odyssey (I like that movie too, by the way) guys - sure; whatever floats your boat...

On a side note: The Core was not only trashy but also non-entertaining and not a good movie in it's own right. It could be worse than Armageddon.

The Core..... If its the only kind of movie sure, I'm alright with it

But because I don't have anything to do I watch SyFy and I found all this films:


Its here somewhere, but I recall there are 3 movies (!) that repeat most of The Core scientific failures

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Because the "Orion Drive" in the movie has nothing to do with our beloved nuke-pooping spacecraft, unfortunately.

However they created an major explosion setting off the charges at once, kind of like the planned kamikaze mission during footfall.

This can be done pretty easy with an traditional orion, but you can not do it with more advanced designs who uses external compression.

yes I know its an movie.

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