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Who has abort proceedures?

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Soda Popinski    496

I swear on my next save game, I'm going hard mode, so I'll actually need to think about this.  For now, it's X, SPACE, SPACE, SPACE... until I see chutes.  No good for launch pad escapes of course.

For planes and SSTOs.  I just crash, and hope for the best (some survivors).  If the best doesn't happen, F9 it is.

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suicidejunkie    267

For my SSTO's common failure modes:

If the wings burn off on the way up:

1) Abort to Minmus, continue mission.

If the wings are/become missing on the way down:

1) Buckle up, lock barf bags in ready position.

2) Wait for whiplashes & RCS blocks to explode.

3) Wait for altitude and speed to drop.

If the wings are/become missing below 4km altitude:

1) Tighten Seat Belts.

2) Open forward cargo bay.

3) Deploy drogues.

4) Deploy Main chutes when safe.

5) Recover and file insurance claims.

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Bornholio    806

Play with SETI on and close to hard mode career.  (I allow saves because Kraken) Currently I'm running a GPP and RSS/RO/RP-0 careers.

I test any manned vessel with out Kerb's at least once.  A manned capsule early on needs Retro/De-orbit motors and tend to use those as an abort system. In GPP using some of the Roverdudes survival mods works good. The chutes are nice from the DERP.  In RSS everything is so much more intense and planned that crew compartment is always self landing capable from any phase and Max G- forces are lower so abort motors are usually the same motor as the orbital maneuvering system with a couple of sepatrons to get it ullaged if needed. In that case i set up all the seperation and ullage motors on the Abort button.

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