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If I payed SpaceX to launch?


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You could also try something else: ask them if the have any restriction on the payload(apart the size and the weight of course) but don't talk about the bus.

Maybe they think that you aren't serious because you asked them if they would launch a bus.

Also,providing a link could be a good idea but I doubt that the person who answer the mails will take the time to follow the link. Even if he did, I would be surprised if he take the time to read the posts; however, if we are lucky, that person coupd be a KSP player!

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This topic...

It went from the fun concept of launching a bus into space. Because we (technically) can.

To a legitimate discussion on the modifications we should perform to the bus to enable a pilot to go up with it and survive. Complete with discussion on which kind of bus would be best suited to our task. Or to put sufficient automated things in it to keep it in safe orbit for as long as needed.

You guys even found places to purchase the bus.

And had somewhat serious discussion on how to fund the thing, all the way down to details like getting company endorsement and media attention (while not being yellow would hurt the "bus" look a bit, a bus with a cokacola paint job would potentially be even MORE unusual).

You know what? Fine. If we are gonna do this, why not buy a bunch of solar panels and test out someone's ion engine with it too. There are some engine concepts that still need to be tested in space and I'm sure someone would love to get a free bus ride for the data it gets. They might even be willing to set you up with the manuevering RCS and gyroscopes, and get the center of mass details figured out so it doesn't rotate when the engine is used. That way it will not only be a bus in space, it will be a bus with actual scientific value in space. Also, it will need a record player a plated record with the magic schoolbus theme on it, so that whoever finds it in the future will be able to enjoy the find all the better.

Or, maybe we should just paint over the windows and make it into a simple space telescope. We could always use more space telescopes, even if they aren't some high precision piece of gear like Hubble.

Or better yet, lets make it a space telescope with an ion engine, because we can. I don't know what kind of delta-V is required to go from LEO to a lunar orbit or a Lagrange point or some other interesting place to stick a telescope, and whether or not an ion engine could supply enough to push the bus-ascope there, but...

Actually, if we are going for that last one we probably SHOULD design a dedicated spacecraft rather then use a bus. But I still like the idea of using one of the two for the sake of giving it some level of science (the bus's paintjob sponsers would also appreciate their name being associated with a stunt that actually advanced science a bit).

Then again, it may be better as a bus since the bus has a better chance of being funded then an ion-powered space telescope. Humans are more like kerbals then you realize...:cool::rolleyes::)


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I wonder if anyone on the forum would actually pay $60,000,000 for spaceX to do this? I guess if all 85,000 members of the forums contributed a little less than $1000, we could do it. Unless Bill Gates is on the KSP forums. Someone should email him! :D

It would require each member(assuming that there is 85 000 member) to pay $705.88

I would totally pay that to send a bus into orbit!

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I believe that you'll need clearance from the FAA or the United States Government to do this... And they'll likely decline it. Launching the bus will just make a big chunk.of useless debris, and will endanger other satellites.

I'm not going to pay. I don't to have kessler syndrome risk from it hitting another satellite, and it serves no purpose at all other than clog up a orbit that could've been used by ANOTHER more USEFUL satellite. Not that it wouldve been approved anyway.

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Enticing idea, but no thanks.

I have no trouble at all with the billions we spend on space stuff, but those generally have actual use.

Better not spend 60 million on putting a steel brick in space.

I put forth a motion to scale the bus back to dinky toy size.

Something like this:


We can make that a KSP branded bus, piggyback riding on some other commercial launch.


- It is plausible to execute with a community kickstarter

- Lots of PR! ("space game community puts actual bus in Space!")

With only a few thousand USD we could do this. These days getting a kilogram of stuff in LEO costs a few thousand (this mini-bus would weight far less), add 1000 USD for creating (3D printing?) a KSP themed mini-bus, and voila: instant awesomeness.

edit: We also need to send up a camera & transmission equipment, we need to have some images of our KSP bus being put in space.

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What I can't believe is not that this was suggested, but that it flew so far.

But it isn't going to happen, I'd stake my life on it. Sorry, folks. Probably got a chuckle out of some guy in the SpaceX offices before it got deleted, though.

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Oh, come on now... enough with the discouragement. I think that this could work, and might if the guys working on it don't give up. Realistically, it isn't likely to work out... but then again, how many times has that been ignored in the past, giving us something unexpected and great? I seem to recall a certain predictions that computers would never see widespread use, when they were first being developed... I think whoever said something along those lines might have been a little bit wrong... :P

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