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[1.2.0] Toolbar 1.7.13 - Common API for draggable/resizable buttons toolbar


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I know this thread is quite old, but I really love this mod and I encountered a problem with 1.2.2 (I also know the titel says 1.2.0 ...).

I just thought I ask anyways and if someone happens to know how to help me I'm happy and if not - well no toolbar for me until it's updated.


So my problem:

I can use the toolbar everywhere exept the KSC-screen. It just wont appear there for me. It occasionaly does but - well that's not really a help.

Also when using mechjeb it sometimes won't show its buttons in flight but that could be a mj problem.


So, if someone can help it would be aprecciated.




aww dang it, the "community and plugins" thread links here instead of the release thread, sorry should've asked my question over there.

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As you all may have noticed, I've moved on from KSP to doing other things. To keep this short, I've spoken to @linuxgurugamer and he agreed to take over Toolbar and Precise Node. He surely will post more information pretty soon. As for 1.3 compatibility, he says he is already working on getting things ready ("probably by Sunday at the latest".)

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