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Because at this point, we need one. This outta be a permanent sticky in Spacecraft Exchange. Mods feel free to edit this post with updates if I'm not around.

Posting Requirements: If you know of a showcase not listed here, feel free to post it. To have a showcase featured here, it must be a showcase-intended thread with at least one third party contribution*. Building Company Catalogs must have contributions from more than one developer, or the catalog must be related to a published building company in the Rocker Builders forum. Feel free to reply to this thread with your showcase link.

*Exception to the third party rule is made for EPIC ENGINEERS. To be considered for review as an EPIC ENGINEER, you must be nominated by someone else, and have a design or showcase thread that is exclusive to your design(s) in Spacecraft Exchange or Rocket Builders which has garnered 100+ responses.


The Spacecraft Exchange Video Catalog


[REQUEST] WWII aircraft (secret, developing, famous, not famous, all welcome)

[Mod Craft] Post your real life or almost real life 'planes here!

[showcase] VTOL Emporium


Your Kerbal Space Center Support Vehicles


[showcase] Post your Bases


[showcase] KIDI- Kerbal Interplanetary Defence Initiative

KCS SpacePlanes Craft Repository

Majorjim's stock craft repository

[Rocket Builders] OKB-1 Russian Rocket Design Firm and Repository

[shuttlecraft Systems Inc.] General Catalog

Zokesia Skunkworks Catalog

EPIC ENGINEERS (Recognized by the Community as Engineering Masters and whose design threads have over 100+ responses)

Cupcake - Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

katateochi - All craft from my Constellation mission vid

H2O. - Kassandra (interplanetary compact ship)

inigma - STS Space Shuttle

Majorjim - Duna Constellation mission pack

Mad Rocket Scientist - Recognized by His Peers for Outstanding Craft Engineering

Mulbin - Apogee Ship Works [Formerly Mulbin's Ships] Replica real world craft.

Rune - Rune's Slightly Used Vehicles

zekes - Zokesia Skunkworks


[sHOWCASE] Bring out your LANDERS!!

[showcase] Post your Moon/Planet Landers Thread / Lander building guide.

[showcase] Show Off Your Eve Capable Mission Craft


[showcase] Heaviest Lifters! How much can you get into orbit?

[showcase] Non Asparagus Launch Vehicles

[showcase] Show off your Launch Vehicles!

What's the Largest Rocket you've ever built? Interplanetary and Launchers Mostly


[sHOWCASE!] Manned Maneuvering Unit/ Jetpack / EVA pack YOU NAME IT- THREAD

[showcase] Show Me Your Cargo Bays (aka How'd You Pack THAT in There?) Post Ur Mk2 and Mk3 Cargoes!

Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

Show me your improbable designs!

Show Off Your Flying Saucers!

[showcase] Showoff Your Rep-Worthy Crafts

Stock Wonders... How creative have you gotten with stock?

Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


Show off your B9 Designs!

Show off your Kethane Mining Designs!!


Show Off your New Ion-Powered / Xenon Fueled Crafts! (0.90)


Shuttle Thread

[stock craft] Spiritwolf/Hanland Submissions

[showcase] Show your PROBEs (or probe rovers)

Interplanetary Ships Showcase

[showcase] Show Off Your Satellites and Interplanetary Probes


[showcase] SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

Station Module Sharing Thread - Help Those in Need!


[showcase] SSTO's! Post your pictures here~


[showcase] Replica Craft thread!


[showcase] Kerbalized Rockets: Reloaded (Real Rockets & Concepts, Recreated


[showcase] Post Your Manned Rover/Car Thread

Post your Rover MEGATHREAD


[showcase] Miners, miners, miners everywhere - Post your pics here


[showcase] Show your awesome weapon designs (Image Heavy)

Show off your Tanks/TDs/Artillery MEGATHREAD

The Great Stock Weaponry Thread

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Help me build this thread! Submit threads for indexing!

I added a few more.

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The December Update, if i could add it. By Zokesia Skunkworks.

Participating engineers:












Do you guys have a single reference catalog that you update? I'm thinking to prevent bloat, that it might be a good idea to limit catalog/showcases to one catalog link per company. If you guys have a master catalog thread I'd be glad to reference that. In your master catalog thread you can then update it with references to newer and newer catalogs (just in case I'm not around to update this thread).

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I found this one: It has one one reply from August, but could possibly be useful/started up again? Edit: heres another more recent one:

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Another one found

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I'm thinking about opening this up to notable showcases by individuals. 100 responses required? This would include Mulbin's ships, Cupcake's dropships, and katateochi's Constellation series.

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Added new section EPIC ENGINEERS to the list, requirements are 100+ responses to any single design, and thread link to such engineer's personal showcase. I think Cupcake, Mulbin, and katateochi fit the inaugural list well. Might add Wackjob, if only he had a showcase thread himself...

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It actually is a Building Company Catalog entry.

Epic Engineer threads are solo engineering designs/showcases garnering 100+ responses. Since OKB-1 has many contributing engineers, it actually falls under the Building Company Catalog since its a showcase of the contribution of many individuals. I'll add it to the OP right now. Thank you!

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With everyone gone for the holidays, I figured I'd give lurkers a reference point to visit some awesome threads. Enjoy!

Mod, possible to make this a sticky at some point?

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Btw, if anyone else has any other popular showcase threads not mentioned here, read my op, and post in this thread your link to them. I guess it's time to start compiling a Best of the Spacecraft Exchange, and well, this thread is built and intended for that reason.

Hey moderator, how about a sticky? :D

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Maybe this would be a nice addition for VTOLs, as I couldn't find any other showcase for them

and also, good list, should definitely be a sticky imho

Wow, I really appreciate that! Here I was, figuring I'd try to share it some more. I haven't had much time to Kerbal lately to add to it though :/

I could also change the name of it to be more general to VTOLs if that would be better.

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You're very welcome! I was going to post some in there too, but I always end up slacking, maybe later.

You could add the [showcase] tag to it, other than that, VTOL emporium has a nice ring. :)

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