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[1.2.x] Kerbal Crew Manifest v0.6.4.0 (Dec 30th 2016)


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vXSovereignXv did not connect on the forum since August, the plugin needs some love and the licence allow for it. So for now I'll work on it. Just don't expect new feature :)

This plugin will allow you to add or remove crew from parts while on the launch pad or transfer crew between parts in the same vessel. You can also edit/add custom crew members in your available crew roster provided that they are not part of an active flight (or dead).





In the flight scene:

Click on the Manifest Icon to show the Manifest Window.

Crew Manifest:

To Add or Remove Crew you must be landed at the Runway or Launchpad. Select the part from the top list (the part will be highlighted in yellow). The bottom list will show the crew of that part and actions that can be performed (Add or Remove).

You can also open the Crew Roster window to add specific Kerbals to the selected part. Click the "Add" button next to their name.

Crew Transfer:

To Transfer Crew, click the Transfer Crew button at the bottom of the Manifest Window.

A new window will popup. You can select a part on the left and move crew from that part to the select part on the right (or Vice Versa).

The left selected part will be highlighted in green while the right selection will be highlighedt in red.

Clicking the "Out" button will send the Kerbal to the other selected Part.

Use the "Update Portraits" button to refresh the crew portraits if they did not load correctly during transfer.

Crew Roster:

To open the Crew Roster, click the button on the Crew Manifest window

To Edit a Kerbal, click the edit button next to their name. Kerbal names in Red are assigned to a Vessel and cannot be modified.

Name, Courage, Stupidity, and the badass flag can all be modified.

Click the "Apply" button to submit changes. Cancel will revert your changes.

To Create a Kerbal click the "Create Kerbal" button at the bottom of the window. This will generate a semi-random Kerbal that can be further modified.(Uses the games code. It's not entirely random.)

Click the "Apply" button to add the new Kerbal to the Manifest.

License: MIT License


 - Fix part highlight

 - KSP 1.2

 - KSP 1.1
 - Make the launcher icon allways on

 - Fix the Launcher icon not showing up for users without Blizzy Toolbar
 - Add a cfg option to hide the Launcher icon

 - 1.0.x update. Use the stock application launcher. Gender + Type edit, and display the profession for the name (profession comes from the Kerbal name)

 - 0.90 update and merged an old ozraven patch that keep the windows from going offscreen

 - 0.25 update

 - 0.24 update
 All fix from ozraven. Many thanks.
 - Compatibility fix with TextureReplacer
 - portrait refresh working
 - lose roster/transfer windows when the manifest window is closed
 - more highlight bug fixed
 - Removed the Toolbar from the DL. You still need it !

 - updated included Toolbar dll to 1.2

 - Recompile for .23
 - Fixed the bug where you can't unselect a pod and it stay yellowish.

 –Code cleanup for 0.22
- Removed all code that duplicate function already available with KSP crew Management
- Use Blizzy78 ToolBar plugin for the button (included)

–Compatibility fixes for version 0.21
–Can no longer remove a Kerbal from the Crew Manifest
–Permadeath option is now disabled since it’s in the game now.

–Fixed issues loading the settings file/icons in Linux/Mac (Hopefully)
–Added a button for Fill Vessel and Empty Vessel to the Crew Manifest Window.
–Added ability to respawn dead Kerbals. A respawn button will appear next to dead Kerbals in the roster window. Must be enabled in the settings menu on the space center screen. Disabled by default.
–Changed color coding of Kerbals in the roster window. Red = Dead, Yellow = Assigned, Green = Available

–Fixed the persistence stuff to work with version 0.20. All features re-enabled!
–Added a debug console that can be enabled in the settings menu. This really only helps me develop to mod, but it's there. 

–Compatibility Fix for version 0.20
–Note: Settings persistence is still broken so the settings menu is disabled for now. This effects window position and button position persistence. Kerbal permadeath is disabled for now as well. 

–Cleaned up icons a bit
–Added settings menu to the Spacecenter Scene

–Fixed issue that broke game save when restarting a flight in which Kerbals died while Permadeath was enabled.
–Fixed issue where the ui button would disappear after restarting a flight.
–Fixed issue that caused the mod to still require a part with the CrewManifestModule attached. Part is no longer required.
–Fixed issue where kerbals were flagged as Available after transferring between modules.
–Fixed issue that caused Kerbals to be flagged incorrectly as available when restarting a flight.

–You can now add/remove Kerbals from your Crew Roster. The changes are saved at the same time as the persistence file is saved.
–Kerbals in your roster can be edited if they are not assigned to an active vessel (or dead). You have full control over their personality and name.
–Removed requirement for having a part. This mod is now activated by a UI button similar to the alarm clock mod.
–You can destroy the old crew manifest part by using the click menu
–Window positions now persist between game sessions.
–Additional UI tweaks as well as behind the scenes prep for UI rework.
–There is an option to allow Kerbal permadeath. This is enabled by setting the EnablePermadeath flag in the Plugindata config file. Disabled by default. Enable at your own peril!

–Added a button to the transfer screen to reset the crew portraits. Use this if the portraits don’t update after the transfer.
–Some UI tweaks
–Added the ability to add crew to a part from the crew roster. You can now pick what Kerbals you want in your modules.

–Fixed a bug that could cause a wrong Kerbal to be transferred.

–Revamped the interface and reworked all the code.
–Vessel only Requires one Manifest Module to be attached to manage all parts in that vessel.
–Crew can now be transferred between parts in the same vessel
–Included a single manifest part. It can be found in the science tab. It uses the same model as the Gravity Sensor.

 Version 0.2.2
–Kerbals are no longer “Killed†when they are removed from a part. (Thanks CaptainArbitrary for suggestion)
–Built against 0.18.4
–Updated package with 18.4 stock parts

Version 0.2.1
–The Crew Portraits now update correctly when adding Kerbals to pods
–The download package now includes the entire part folder for each part. Apparently the MAC OS doesn’t know how to merge folders.
–Built against 0.18.2

Version 0.2
–Added ability to remove crew members through the context menu. The option is only available when landed at the lauchpad/runway and there are Kerbals in the the module.
–Plugin now uses an accurate count of Kerbals that are in the module

Version 0.1
–Initial Release




Edited by sarbian
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Is it possible to make a "lite" version of this mod only for the purposes of transferring crew within a craft? I have no interest in managing crew outside of the astronaut complex or at the prepare launch screen. I was thinking a third button on the portraits "IVA" "EVA" "XFR" and then clicking the destination part. It would be very slim and minimalistic.

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Ratzap : Share our idea or submit a patch to github :)

5thHorseman : To make it work with future version of KSP ? The code was full of call that are now marked obsolete in current KSP version. If you have idea for feature go on and tell me.

Frederf : I'll need to see it's easy to add thing to the portrait first.

Edited by sarbian
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5thHorseman : To make it work with future version of KSP ? The code was full of call that are now marked obsolete in current KSP version. If you have idea for feature go on and tell me.

You asked :) so I'd love to be able to transfer the crew though the right-click menus, kind of like how we transfer fuel now. Right click one pod, alt-right-click the other pod, and you can "out" and "in" Kerbals between them.

I also want this for TAC fuel balancer, but that's a different thread :)

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AFAIK to add that I would have to move the addon back to a module addon, since it's the only way I know to add a contextual menu. I may try it, but not before .23 since the tweakable may impact the code and I don't want to do it twice :)

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Is there a way to move the icon around? Currently, running in 1920 x 1080, it's stuck in the middle of my screen. Also, on the space centre screen, there's a little black box at about the location where the icon would be on the flight screens. Both these issues are new to this version for me.

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Wonder what's taking the KSP devs so long to implement a system like this. At least for docked ship crew transfer. Then again, being able to change the crew on the launch pad is also handy.

Sarbian, good luck!

Thats probably fairly easily doable, thats why they probably focus something else i guess. But we definetely need to be able to move our crew within assembled part ;) will come sooner or later for sure.

@sarb: nice you maintain it.

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Sarbian - Thanks for the update. I do have a bug report. When flying a ship with only 1 crew module you can't de-select the module so I've got a lander with a yellow highlighted crew cabin.

Fixed on my build. I'll release tomorrow when I can compile for .23

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