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Proof squad was trying something BIG?

Tidus Klein

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Found this in an old .21 game file in the resources generic file

What on the face of the planet has a density of 0.3???! Most everything else is .005

name = Testium
density = 0.3
flowMode = ALL_VESSEL
transfer = PUMP
color = 0.4 0.2 0.8

The only mod I had that added resources was kethane (others installed where, engineer redux, KAS, Quantum struts, and sub-assembly manager,) but its in the stock generic……..

WHAT ARE YOU Testium…. I demand to know!

If anyone else still has a copy of .21.1 look this up.

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This picture was shown by devs when talk about resources started. We got some other tidbits of info that really got hype train chugging. Unfortunately SQUAD decided to develop other parts of career mode first. Since that day before announcement what will be in next update community is asking: "Resources?" So far answer was always: "Nah. Not this time." :D

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