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Funny KSP jokes


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Come up with hilarious puns and jokes about features of KSP.

Here are some of mine:

If Jool had a core made of dense carbon, what would it be called? JOOLERY! (because the pressure would turn carbon to diamond)

What is it called when you accidentally crash into one of Jool's moons? "Voops, I accidentally crashed into a Vall"

What would the moon of Duna say if you accidentally crashed into it? "Whoops, IKE illed you!" (i killed you)

If Eve had a moon shaped like a robot, what would it be called? WALL-E!

How did Moho get its name? Because a handsome guy named Mo lives there! (if you know what I mean)

What did Eeloo say when it had too much methane? "Eee, I need to use the loo."

Why is Laythe so warm? Because the other moons are POLing it apart and causing tidal friction!

What did I do to punish Jeb when he didn't follow safety precautions? I BOPped him

What do you use to shape parts for a ship? a LAYTHE!

What do you say when a dwarf planet has exposed all its craters? You need to DRES up!

Why does Duna have an atmosphere to help with landing? Because it's DUNA favor. (doin a favor)

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