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New science parts, Cameras and magnometers

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Especially with the implementation of the science archives, I think it would be cool to have a camera science part added.

A) You could do science with it by taking a picture with it.

B) You could also then store the image and look at it in the science archives as a cool snap-shot thingy(ies, assuming more than one picture). (Hey, I did science, and look, I can even see the picture that I took in the Biome!)

C) I'd suggest it has static orientation based on how you affix the part to your ship and also possibly be able to look out through the camera before taking the picture

D) If transmitting it, you get a low resolution image (Maybe 320x200, Kerbal technology just isn't that good), but if you return the image you get a high resolution image that provides more science points (because we can take out the film canister to develop the film instead).

Magnometers. Well, because those are some of the most common science instruments on space probes. They'd be able to work anywhere and, is it a shame to have more options for doing science?

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I was just thinking about having a camera this morning! Pictures sent from spacecraft have been hugely important throughout the history of spaceflight. Consider this picture from Luna 9:


My idea for a pair of camera parts goes like this:

Parts: Basic Camera and Panoramic Camera

The basic camera would be a small, radially attached part that would provide small, black and white pictures of whatever it was pointed at. It would be available fairly early in the tech tree (about the same time as the first probe cores)

The panoramic camera would be a larger, 1.25m part about half the height (but the same mass) of the science module and would take larger, color pictures.


Cameras would operate like crew reports. They would be reuseable and provide 100% transmit value. The panoramic camera would provide the same amount of science as a crew report, and the basic camera would provide half the science of a crew report. The only difference between a crew report and a picture from a science perspective would be data size; pictures would be roughly double the amount of data of a crew report and therefore require more power and time to transmit. For those concerned with cameras replacing kerbonauts, remember that cameras cannot provide EVA reports or take surface samples.

The player would be shown the picture in the science dialogue box and be given the option to discard, transmit, or keep the photo. Photos would be saved to the screenshots folder.

I think this would be a really great gameplay addition. Just imagine the thread in the forums filled with grainy, black and white "first photos!"

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