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Greetings! I'll start this thread as a database for mods that make KSP more complete, in my opinion, and will update it based on suggestions I receive. So feel free to comment on the list add or subtract anything and I'll do my best to include it here. So without further ado:


- KW Rocketry - Adds very big standard-fuel rockets. Removes awkward fuel tank/engine clusters.

- KSP X - Adds parts identical to stock but with different sizes and attachment modes. Makes for easier tiny/huge ships.

- B9 Aerospace - Adds plane and space shuttle parts (with IVAs). Better looking and better performing aircraft.

New Mechanics

- KSP Interstellar - Adds complex mining, alternative science, and MANY parts reflecting many different aerospace technologies.

- kOS - Adds a write-it-yourself autopilot based on simple programming. Balance between autopilot and do-it-yourself, teaches code logic.

- Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support (TAC) - Adds many resources that are now needed to keep Kerbals alive. Makes probes worth sending.

- Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) - Adds ways to connect to separate vessels: Makes refueling and towing easier on the ground.

- RemoteTech - Adds purpose to communication sattelites with comms relays across space. Makes infrastructure a requirement for space travel.

- Mapping?

Feature Improvements

- Deadly Reentry - Adds reentry heat and heatshields. Strongly encourages smart reentry trajectories/ship design.

- Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR) - Adds realistic aerodynamics. Strongly encourages smart ascent profiles/atmospherical flight/rocket and plane design.

UI Improvements

- Enhanced NavBall - Shows radial and normal vectors. Removes need for dummy maneuver nodes to figure them out.

- Toolbar - Organizes all your mods into one in-game menu.

- Kerbal Engineer Redux - Shows DeltaV, TWR, and other data for your ships

Out-of-Game Improvements

- Better tech tree?

- Mod manager?

Feel free to contribute!

PS: I'm sorry about the lousy formatting, I really don't understand the forum's formatting tools.

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Someone in another thread had problems with Kerb Engr Redux...

Mod Sticky ... plz

cdr zeta

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KIDS (Kerbal ISP Difficulty Scaler), essentially makes you need bigger rockets. Works with FAR (it's made by the author of FAR) and all the other mods you listed.

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