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Learning to mod KSP without coding experience?

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I've been inspired by the recent Hour of Code, and now I’d like to learn how to mod KSP. I know that this will not be anything easy, and that it will take time. However, I think my love of KSP and my interest in computers will keep me going.

I have absolutely no programming experience (other than maybe an hour of the Codeacademy java course over a year ago). I have no idea where to start, and I don’t even know if I will have enough time to continue learning this stuff, but I do want to give this a try.

Where do I start? Learn C#? Unity? the KSP API? Where do I learn about those things? What apps do I need? (I’m on a Mac) I’ve looked around and haven’t found anything for absolute newbie coding.

And any ideas for first projects?



MODS: I have no good idea of where this thread should go. Please move it if you think it should go somewhere else.

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Get a C# development environment. I use Xamarin, you might need something else.


Here are some sample plugins to get you started:


Play around, try not to get frustrated, ask questions, keep the C# API handy. Also, join #kspmodders on esper.net IRC.

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Thanks regex! Another question.

I've downloaded Xamarin Studio, and it's saying I need the Mono framework. It links me to a page with two downloads - Mono MRE installer and Mono MDK installer. Which do I need? Just one or both?

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