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Planet Factory Realism mod

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Would it be possible to edit Kragrathea's Planet Factory Mod to resemble how the Kerbol system is eventually planned to be? For example could some change the Sentar system to be Gas Planet 2 as detailed in the wiki: If it is possible here are the changes that would have to made to the current Sentar system( and other bodies as well):

Sentar: Would have its texture changed to look like the texture shown on the wiki. Since I'm uncreative, I'll keep the name the same.

Eeloo: Will now orbit Sentar as the inner-most moon. It is closer to its parent than the rings.

Pock: Renamed Daphy, retextured to be more white, and made to orbit just outside Sentar's rings.

Inaccessable: Renamed Potatus, retextured to look like a potato (color-wise), and made to orbit farther than Pock-Daphy with a high inclination relative to Sentar.

Erin and Skelton: Merged into Fonso. It will be the last of the four major moons, be the game's Titan analogue (it will have oceans like Erin, but they will be made of Kethane (Renamed version of Methane from Interstellar. Basically, Fonso is a giant oil field). It will also have a thick atmosphere and mountainous peaks like Skelton.)

I'm also hoping that I could change Ablate's name to Vulcan and make it out of basalt with massive lava cracks as oceans( basically Ablate will now resemble a small version of earth right after it formed.)

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Well.. at the moment its very hard to edit and mod planets. I believe Krag is indeed working on some form of editor that could allow you to do just this. I personally don't see the point to it, but that's just my opinion. I like where the PF planets are now ( not a fan of the names, but that is something that can easily be changed. ) And don't forget. With PF Kerbol becomes a binary system. So what about serious and its planet Joker? ( I since renamed it to Jester. Rolls off the tongue nicer.. )

Where would you place Sentar? ( gas giant two ) Because right now these planets are the most difficult to get to. Would u make it easier? It's a 5200 D/v burn out to Sentar as is. And the fact that its inclined 45 degrees is no peach either. Not to mention the system itself is just as wild. I'm getting ready to send a grand tour mission out there any day and I can't wait.

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