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Gemini 6 and 7 Rendezvous.


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Mission Parameters

Gemini 7

Apokee: 35km

Perikee: 33.5km

Inclination: 4 degrees

Planned time in space: 1 day.

Semi-Major Axis: 634.25km

Orbital Period: 28.15 minutes.

Gemini 6 - Initial Parameters

Apokee: 31km

Perikee: 30.6km

Inclination: 3.6 degrees (corrected to 4 degrees on orbit)

Planned time in space: 6 hours.

Semi-Major Axis: 630.8km

Orbital Period: 27.92 minutes.

Rendezvous Parameters

Planned Orbits: 4

Terminal Phase Initiation on 4th orbit.

Altitude at TPI: 30.8km

TPI, 45 seconds after sunset.

Phase Transfer: 178 degrees.

Planned station keeping distance: 3 meters.

Active Vessel: Gemini 6

Passive Vessel: Gemini 7

And here are the pictures from the mission: (some of them anyway...)

Gemini 6 after inserting into its 31km orbit:


Gemini 6 on orbit


Gemini 6 and 7 Preparing for station keeping


Gemini 6 and 7 Successfully rendezvoused.


Gemini 7 viewed through Gemini 6's window


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I used hyperedit to lower the atmosphere so I could have more realistic orbital altitudes with respect to the planet. From that Apokee, you see Kerbin as you would see the earth at about 350km. Without lowering the atmosphere, the lowest you can orbit is like 69.1km, which is the equivalent of about 690km around Earth. Kerbin's atmosphere is too high, so I fixed it. :)

Also, notice how small the Mun looks. I moved it three times further away from the planet for slightly more realism.

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