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[0.23] Panda Jager Laboratories Parts Pack

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**UPDATE 1/28/2014**

Development is taking longer than I had expected, now that Christmas break is over I have much less free time to work on this. So I am going to release updates as parts are completed instead of trying to save them for larger releases. So today I bring you two new parts, the Mystery Goo Containment Unit Jr. and the SM-9110 Science Jr. I have also updated the DRN Spectrometer so that it now glows when the experiment is run, and made minor tweaks to the MastCam texture. I've also updated the license information so if that affects you be sure to see the bottom of this post. As always you should delete the old folder before installing this update. Thank you!

Quick note: the new parts could be considered op as they are much smaller than their original counterparts, and they remove the "one time use" restriction. I've tried to explain this in the part descriptions so they fit in with the "game universe". While you shouldn't be able to max out the science from an area with a single part, you can max out the transmittable science, and still have a sample to return to Kerbin. Because of this I have placed them in the Experimental Science node of the tech tree. Feel free to move them for your own personal use.

** DOWNLOAD: Version 1.2 is now available at KerbalSpacePort. ** (1/28/2014)

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** Update Archive **

Update 1/11/2014

I probably shouldn't being showing this off considering how early the next download update is in development. However I just got done doing some tests on the new Probulator and thought I would do a quick "round-up" video showing off what I am currently working on. I'm pretty excited to finish these parts as they really complete the Kuriosity Rover. All three of these parts unlock at the Experimental Science node to help with game balancing. The materials bay and goo containment unit are ready for texturing. The probulator is very early in development.

Update 1/6/2014

This update introduces a new part called the Dynamic Reflectiveness of Neutrons (DRN) Spectrometer. It is based off of the DAN instrument on Curiosity. The DRN Spectrometer is used to detect water. It is a new science experiment for you all to enjoy. I haven't written all of the flavor text for the different biomes but will continue to do so.

I have also made a few config tweaks to the MastCamâ„¢ as well as updating the included rover.

Dynamic Reflectiveness of Neutrons (DRN) Spectrometer:

The Dynamic Reflectiveness of Neutrons (DRN) Spectrometer is used to scan the subsurface material for the presence of hydrogen and hydroxide molecules. The boffins in the lab are hoping to reveal water that is close to the surface, but unable to be detected by satellites. The trick is to keep that darned Jeb from using the DRN Spectrometer as his personal dowsing rod.

Update 1/3/2014

Today I learned how to make textures/uv/normal maps and started texturing. I also animated it to extend and retract. You can see I have modeled some more detail (not quite as much as I'd like but enough for the first release). In the process of texturing I have had to rework a lot of the geometry to simplify it for creating uv mapping. Since this is my first model I was a little careless while creating it. Tomorrow I will finish texturing the "head" and then prepare all files for upload.

There are a couple things I would like to do but will have to wait for a later release including:

  • Modeling a few more details (including reworking the mast so it doesn't clip through the bottom, again carelessness when I created the segment lengths).
  • Figuring out how to limit the amount of crewReport science it can earn (currently limiting transmit only).
  • Disallowing the ability to do science while the mast is retracted.
  • Creating an animation of the "head" looking around while running the crewReport.
  • Misc

But I am ready to move on to my next part. Check back this evening sometime after I've gotten some sleep for the download.

Original Post

Hello everyone! I would just like to share the progress on my first mod.

I, like many of you, thought that mission control needed a way to produce crew reports from the many science rovers they have sent to the surface of other planets/moons.

I also felt that the current probe cores/bodies just weren't cutting is when it came to rovers.

So I present to you the Probodobodyne MastCamâ„¢.

This is just the basic model. I still need to add detail, texture, and animation. As you can see I am modeling it after Curiosity's mast camera system. I would like to make it so that you can only get a percentage of the crew report science, so to get full crew report data you would still need to send a Kerbal to that biome. But having it something like 75-90% to make it worth using, and then those of us who are OCD can later send a Kerbal to fill out the progress bar in the Science Archive. Transmitting a crew report or recovering one with this part would yield the same results. What I want to avoid is having to create a separate science experiment specific to remote crew reports as I want this part to be just another way to get crew report science data.

Please leave any feedback, tips and suggestions are most appreciated.

**License: ** (UPDATE 1/26/2014)

Panda Jager Laboratories Part Pack version 1.1 and below are shared under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Parts that will retain this license include:

  • Probodobodyne MastCam v1.0 and v1.1
  • Dynamic Reflectiveness of Neutrons (DRN) Spectrometer v1.0

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

Starting with version 1.2 of Panda Jager Laboratories Part Pack, content is shared under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. This includes:

  • Probodobodyne MastCam v1.3 and later
  • Dynamic Reflectiveness of Neutrons (DRN) Spectrometer v1.2 and later
  • Parts created after PJL Parts Pack version 1.1


Panda Jager Laboratories Part Pack v1.2+ by Sethnizzle

is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Content update
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This is great Seth keep up the great work! And have you thought about adding the robotic arm for surface samples

i think that has already been taken


also great idea and i can't wait to get my hands on it for my rover

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Haha, I was actually thinking about doing the arm on Curiosity for surface sampling as well.

The model looks good, but I would like to suggest you look at the workings of the MSL/Curiosity mast. There is a fancy optical system in there that pretty much defines how it looks.

I've posted an update that should provide that iconic shape without being overly complicated or realistic in such that it no longer fits with the stock parts.

Edit: I've completed version 1 of the part and it is available for download, check the OP or search on SpacePort. Thanks for the support, I hope the MastCam becomes a welcomed addition to all of your rovers.

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I created a new part today and almost have it done. The only thing hanging me up now are these emissive textures. All the information I have found so far is either outdated or incomplete.

I'm also getting a warning saying the animation I created for the emissive effect needs to be set to legacy. I know how to do that and where that option exist for when you are importing your animation from Blender with your model but I can't find where to change that for the emissive animation (which was created in Unity for the GameObject).

Edited by Sethnizzle
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I've uploaded it without the emissive working. There is a picture in the OP and the description is on the download page.

Ah an Water Scanner effectively.. With custom science reports?

You also included a pre-built Kuriosity (nice name :D)? Nice, going to test as soon I am on my PC

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Ah an Water Scanner effectively.. With custom science reports?

You also included a pre-built Kuriosity (nice name :D)? Nice, going to test as soon I am on my PC

Lol, thank you. The new part is based off of the Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons (DAN) sensor that is on the real Curiosity (incase anyone is unaware). Does it give custome science reports? Yes, and no, I've set it up as a new science experiment, but I've only written a few of the custom flavor text descriptions. I plan to write more with each update.

Thanks for checking it out

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Rover parts that look stock-a-like!! Tried it out today and Duna has a new rover roaming the dunes with improved science capabilities. Looking forward to what else you are going to make.

On a side note, the mastcam raises a bit faster than I expected.

Anyway, nice work.

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