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[SHOWCASE] Most insane Aircraft


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Well, once I decided that I would make an infiniglider. And it worked, and all was well.

Then I decided to make it bigger. Faster. More effective.

.....it worked, but started to disintegrate shortly after launch (no problem, this thing had a capsule-eject system).

Then I made it better


I've never had any other stock aircraft that tears itself apart when everything is working as intended, but this did fairly well.

Oh, and the two SRBs on the staging tree? Those were for getting off the runway. They got torn off as the infiniglide system started to work (the TWR was so high that the SRBs can't keep up and get ripped off by drag).

Now, an even older one. Back in 0.20 I decided that I wouldn't intake-spam my way into space, or anything like that. I'd try to go really really fast at low levels. This meant a fairly minimalist (although not compared to some other things I've worked on) design, with some rather interesting control issues.

Still, the pilots loved it.


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I've run FAR forever so I can't go *too* silly, but this was somethign from a while ago:


That was it's attitude flying straight...



Not really silly, but fun at least:


and back to the assymetrics, this is about as near to a BV-141 as I could manage:


Flies just like a normal craft once you've got enough speed to stop it crabbing on the runway.

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The DillyBird AS4. Took me 4 remakes of it to get it to even fly strait. It's vertically asymmetric with uneven engine placement(to balance out thrust vs drag). Uses both jet engines for atmospheric flight and rockets for orbital flight.

Flight characteristics: Laughable at best

Maneuverable: Not really

Orbital: Just barely

Payload: Just its own bulk

Reason for building: Because

Best feature: Re-entry effects




It's capable of reaching Orbit, but only just. And don't even think about trying to make sharp, or even noticeable, turns with this craft...

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