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Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.


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Of course, Follow all the regular forum rules

Just follow the normal rules for the forum and we won't have any problems!

I'll start,

You have to give me a stupid answer to my question, Then you will in your post make your own question here's a example:

If i asked: How do i turn off a light

You'd respond like this:

Crush it with a baseball-bat

Then under that you'd say your question

How do i play on a swing

So i'll start

How do i eat foods?

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Heat up some sesame oil, add bean sprouts, chilli flakes, strips of beef, chopped red & green peppers, half an onion & a splash of soy sauce. Fry for a few minutes & serve. That's how you wok.

Why can't Americans spell anything properly?

(Going by the title I kind of thought this would be a bit more surreal than most of the answers so far).

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