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Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.


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1 hour ago, Ben J. Kerman said:

Why did Microsoft not keep the "Pipes" screensaver from Windows XP on Windows 10? Yes, I have a Windows XP computer, not as my primary one, of course. 

To prevent Windows 10 go do down trough the tubes. Again.

-- -- --

What you can do with Windows 10 that one could not do with XP? (the closest MS ever got to perfection!)

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Drop an an Anvil on it. (on your computer, if that was not clear)

Why are there people who seem to think that when KSP2 comes out we would all abandon KSP rather than just playing in both?

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9 minutes ago, ColdJ said:

rather than just playing in both?

We have no sense of history any more. Everything is disposable once the newest model is out. Consume.

Why are my glasses always in the last place I look?

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