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Welcome to the Library. Please look around and browse. For any comments or suggestions please use this thread.


Songs and Poetry

The Dream - The Epic of Gilgaman Kerman  by @AdmiralAndre

Parton Kerman's Journal by @Apollo42

Eeloo - A parody of "Payphone" by @BigBoy734

Heroes Tonight - Parody of Chasing the Sun  by @BigBoy734

Ode to the Jumbo 64 by @Chozo Nomad

Minmus & Company: The consequences of planetary sentience by @Commissioner Tadpole

Lost in Mind - KSP expression poetry series by @cratercracker

(Poetry) by @cratercracker

(Poetry 2) by @cratercracker

I Wanna Take Off - by @dc4bs

Duxwing's Kerbal Poetry by @Duxwing

Felsmak's song parodies by @Felsmak

KSP Open-Mic Poetry by @Geschosskopf

Songs of the Travelling Circus by @Geschosskopf

The Kraken and the Engineer by @Geschosskopf

KSP Rhapsody and Interstellar by @Googol

Krakenmas Carols by @GregroxMun

Kerbal Leaf Rag by @GregroxMun

Loss of Gravity by @GregroxMun

Nuclear-Thermal (Parody of Radioactive) by @GregroxMun

The Little Kerbette: Don't go to space! by @GregroxMun

Wernher von Kerman vs Wernher von Braun, an Epic Rap Battle of History by @GregroxMun

Missing home by @GregroxMun

The MET +59 Seconds Song by @Gryphon

Goodnight Mun by @Hayoo

Kuran-Kuran: This is the Moon Laythe by @Holo

The Rescue by @Jatwaa

The Kraken Waits by @Jatwaa

The Forgotten Ones by @kola2DONO

In the year 2525 by @Kerbal pancake

Every Kerbal is Sacred by @Krevsin

Jeb by @krob99

Some Poetry by @LavaCake

Libretto for a KSP-themed opera by @MedwedianPresident

The 42 Eggs by @MrWalrus123

Who Will Save You Now - Grand Tour Edition by @mythic_fci

KSP Parody to "This is what it feels like" by @NASAFanboy

Hark the Kraken, Glitches Singing by @NASAFanboy

Let it Crash, KSP Parody of "Let it Go" from Frozen by @NASAFanboy

"We're Going Down" - Parody of For What's Its Worth by @NASAFanboy

United States of Kerberica Anthem by @Plaatinum Aerospace

Billkermian Rhapsody Song by @Precambrianmollusc

Drop the Boosters, We're Almost Done (parody of This is What it Feels Like) by @RedDwarfIV

What does the Mun say? by @Sun

Jeb vs Newtonian Physics by @Selrahc4040

A fun diversion. For kerbals and humans too. KSP haikus by @SkyRender

The Plernets by @SpaceSphereOfDeath

Strut it up! by @Spacetraindriver

Song snip-its by @steuben

One Night on Alpha by @The Error

KSP Haiku Thread by @The Jedi Master

Parody of 'Just One Yesterday' by Fallout Boy  - by @Timberwolfer

T'was the Night Before 0.22 by @Tw1

Space Lightning by @Tw1

What do we do with a drunken kerbal? A space shanty by @Tw1

Jeb's Song by @Tw1

Whackjob's KSP variant of Tim Minchin's 'Drowned' by @Whackjob

Jeb's in the saddle by @Whackjob

Kerbish Holiday Songs by @Whackjob

The Kerbal Way by @wired2thenet

12 Days by @Xacktar

Use the Probodobyne... by @Zuni



The Kerbal Frontier by @cy4n

When We Were Lemmings - Sort-of-a-Space-Odyssey by @Lar-E

Rendezvous with Karma - Sort-of-a-Space-Odyssey by @Lar-E

I, Kerbonaut by @Lar-E

An Interview with an Kerbonaut by @Poryy

Safety Review by @PrivateFlip

A Tale of Many Burns by @purpleivan

2001: Absurdity Calls by @purpleivan

2001: A Space Absurdity by @purpleivan

2010 - The Year we make Kontact  by @purpleivan

Tales from the Backroom by @purpleivan

I'm sorry Jeb - but I'm going to have to bench you by @Rocket Farmer

The meaning of Fupp by @quasarrgames

The Kerb Kerman Show! by @Xacktar


Graphic Novels

DMSP - The Story of a Space Program by @DMSP

Duna, Ore Bust!  by @Kuzzter

Eve: Order Zero by @Kuzzter

From a Childhood Dream by @Tw1



A Terra Usque Ad Caelum - To the sky from the ground by @19chickens

Munstar 21 by @aceassasin

The Mun Incident by @AkiraSpace

Curse of the Southern Munolith by @Alchemist

Kerpollo-Koyuz - First Docking by @Agent30632

The Final Flight by @Agent30632

First flight! by @apolloman

Bill's Epic Pout by @ArmchairGravy

Bill Kerman - a eulogy by @bigcalm

Replacement Part by @Commander Zoom

SCP-2000-FW-Command-Pod-Mk2-3 by @Commissioner Tadpole

How Jeb got so BadAss by @Draconiator

Very Big Space Program by @FlamingPotatoes

When Boredom Leads to Writing by @Fred Cop

KSP Fanfic awesome by @fredinno

KSP Creepypasta - Kerbal Death Program by @fredinno

A Fine Flight by @Generalstarwars333

The lot was full of trash by @GregroxMun

A Gripping Crash by @jarratt51

KSP - Iron Horses - Volume 1 - Afrika by @KenjiKrafts

A very short story by @Kokoro

Jebediah Kerman, First Kerbal on the Mun by @LaydeeDem

Where the hell has this thing been by @leopardenthusiast

First Kontact: The Discovery of Kerbals by @lordmuffin

Got-out-and-pushed - by @MajorThomas

Imperius Kerbalius by @NASAFanboy

Alnand Kerman: A Short Story... by @Rainbowtrout

Re-entry by @Sesni

Monolith [CreepyPasta] by @Souper

Kerbal Space Program - First Steps. Game Story Script - by @SquaredSpekz

Tales of the Groundbound: Preface and Table by @steuben

They all met in the war by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: First Small Steps, Chapters 1 and 2 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Why, Chapter 3 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: The first payment, Chapter 4 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Chapter 5: A Simple Set of Problems by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: The Blue Side, Chapter 6 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Two Eggs in a Basket, Chapter 7 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Linus and the Computers, Chapter 8 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Counting and Accounts, Chapter 8.5 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Scimon and the Mun, Chapter 9 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound, A New Bird in the Flock, Chapter 10 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Chapter 11, By The Pale Munlight by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: A hand into the black, Chapter 12 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: A Coming Drought for the Prairie, Chapter 13, by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Pause Turn Go, Chapter 14 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: A perfect answer? Chapter 15 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Ring Rung, Chapter 16 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Broken Bird, Chapter 17 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: KOL Black, Chapter 18 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: A Leap, Chapter 19 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Ready for Their Closeup, Chapter 20 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Simple Difficulty, Chapter 23 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Opening A New Path, Chapter 26 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Munbound, Groundbound, Chapter 27  by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Frozen Skin Worth Mining, Chapter 28 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: Unproven. Experimental. Prototype, Chapter 35 by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: The Creed and the Crest by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: The Birds of the Flocks, Supplemental Material by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: The OST by @steuben

Tales of the Groundbound: There and On the Dock by @steuben

The Arrtee - Mission in PlanetFactory by @Sun

Jebediah and the Death Plane by @superecnate

The Scream (Kreepypasta) by @The Fleet Master

Carnage on the Runway by @themaxus

Interview with Jo Kerman - Entrevista com Jo Kerman by @thomas the kerbonaut

Larry Kerman: Kerbaboy! by @Tw1

Kerbals meet Apollo 11 by @Voyager275

Finally, Vall and Back! A story by @Wayfare


Short Stories

Munwalkers by @aceassasin

Where it blows by @Agent30632

My KSP short stories by @Anomalous_Matter

Perished - a 1000 word short story by @Candlelight

Thrillmaster: Legend of Jeb by @Charzy

The Bittersweet Tale of Commander Elbald Kerbal by @Chris -BEANS-

On the verge of tearing apart - KSP Based short novel by @Columbia

Hazards - KSP-based short novel by @Columbia

Skywalker's Run by @Commander Zoom

The Tale of the Mighty Colossus by @CrashTestDummy

[Creepy Story] You should have smiled by @Dspan_000

Outer Space Delivery Men by @GabrielG.A.B.Fonseca

The Porthole by @Geeny

Landing by @Geometrian

A short little WWIIish KSP story by @Generalstarwars333

The Story of the Laythean Conflict by @Generalstarwars333

Inspiration by @GregroxMun

The Story of Jake Kermin by @halo2austin

Above and Beyond by @Joshmo

A Standard Supply Run by @Joshmo

The Eternity Device - a Kerbal Future Tale by @KAL 9000

Another day at the office for Bob by @Kerbart

A Voyage for the Ages by @KSK

Fire-Forged - A KSP Short Story by @March Unto Torment

Pointed Starward by @NASAFanboy

Minmus 1 by @Nikolai

Minmus or Bust by @NuclearWarfare

The Lunar Incident by @NuclearWarfare

Thrillmaster to the Core by @ping111

The Chance of a Lifetime by @pushingrobot

Off the wall story - Descent by @Polyoxide

KSP Short Story by @rewdew2

The Mun Misadventures by @Robbiezd

Bill's Food by @rockets-don't-make-toast

The Last Flight of Jebediah Kerman by @Salamander

A failed mission by @SpaceOddity

Adventures of Jeb, Bill and Bob by @Startreader

Tales from the Swan - A Turtle stops Flying by @steuben

Tales from the Swan - Last Flight of a Sow by @steuben

Tales from the Swan - the Eagles and the Senator by @steuben

Tales From the Swan: A Shepard by @steuben

Kerbal Space Program - A Lost Hero by @swiftgates24

The Discovery of Jool by @The Destroyer

Quieter Days by @The Error

Should Bill be A Badass Too? (Alternative Title Bill's Folly) by @The Flying Kerbal

Tale of a Space Program by @The Jedi Master

Jebediah by @The Jedi Master

The Story of Jebediah Kerman by @TheJokerMan

The Beleaguered Return by @TheShadow1138

The Beginning of it all - A story of Jeb's first launch by @tobjv

A cold day in space by @tobjv

Prologue to a (possible) series by @Vaporo

On the Altar of Science by @Wampa842

A Kerbal's First Spacewalk by @VincentMcConnell

A Totally Kerbal Launch by @VincentMcConnell

A Shade of Darkness by @Vostok

The Story behind an Invention by @Xel_AI



Eeloo is no Goddess by @Atubara

Eeloo is no Goddess Remastered by @Atubara

Shadows of the Kraken: Remastered & The Lost Chapters by @CatastrophicFailure

Whispers of the Kraken by @CatastrophicFailure

World War K by @DarkOwl57

The Saga of Emiko Station by @Just Jim

On This Day - an Apollo 11 tribute by @KSK

First Flight by @KSK

Chronicles of an Administrator by @Thalamask

The Ballad of Chadmore Kerman by @tntristan12

The Great War by @TotallyNotHuman


After Action Reports

Jool of Kerbol system or There and Back Again by @czokletmuss

The Grand Tour - Voyage To The Planets by @czokletmuss

Duna rescue mission by @Duke23

CONCORD Research and Engineering: Storm in the Stars by @HippieGold

Development - A Journey to Space by @Mekan1k

Construction - A Journey to Space by @Mekan1k

Vengeance - A Journey to Space by @Mekan1k

Colonization: Chapter 1 - Farside Crater by @Patupi

Colonization: Chapter 2 - Lalock Valley by @Patupi

Colonization: Chapter 3 - Tylen Sea by @Patupi

Colonization: Chapter 4 - Munbase Alpha by @Patupi

Colonization: Chapter 5 - Jool Explorer by @Patupi

The Venturer Program: Mission One by @RogueMason

Outreach Colony - The home on Duna by @RogueMason

The Delivery - A short Journey to Eve by @RogueMason

The Venturer Program: Dres Expedition by @RogueMason

The Venturer Program: Resurgence by @RogueMason

Odysseus - Voyage to Jool by @RogueMason

Project Farpoint: The Leap to Eeloo by @RogueMason

Resistance - The interplanetary struggle by @RogueMason

The Venturer Program - Tour of the Planets by @RogueMason

Mission Minmus 12 - Full Story by @ThatKerbal

The Colony - Full Story  by @ThatKerbal

Voyage of the Odin - A Mission to Dres by @The Jedi Master

The Godspeed Program - Landing on an Asteroid by @The Jedi Master

Letters From Space by @Valley


Non Fiction

My Theories on the Biology of Kerbals by @aceassasin

A kerbal universe history by @Avery616

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - on Kerbol by @Brixmon

A Kerbal's Guide to Earth Sol System by @GregroxMun

List of Kerbal Deities by @GregroxMun

Scattered Stories: A Kerbthology by @GregroxMun

Kerbal History in the Real Solar System by @GregroxMun

My take on Kerbal Anatomy/Evolution/History/Society by @GregroxMun

Kerbal Calendar by @GregroxMun

Om nom nomenclature: Fan edition by @GregroxMun

Kerbal Timeline by @GregroxMun

[Invention] KGSS Continent Naming Committee by @HOC

A Theory on the Lack of Surface Population on Kerbin by @Kerboman

Kerbal Anatomy 101 by @kmMango

The History of Kerbin by @kmMango

A short treatise on the Kerbals by @KSK

Lifeforms in the Kerbolar System by @MedwedianPresident

Theories on the formation of Minmus by @Meritania

Scientific Naming of Kerbal by @Mrcarrot

On the Origin of Kerbals by @NASAFanboy

The Kerbal by @NASAFanboy

History of Kerbin by @ninjakids

History of the Kerbin Federation by @Poryy

KGSS Journal, Volume 1, Edition 1 by @Rich

KGSS Journal, Volume 1, Edition 2 by @Rich

The Psychology of Kerbals in Isolated Environments by @RisingAeroEngineer11

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Kerbals - A Primer on the Species by @SkyRender

How the Kerbals Named their Planets by @Sylandro

Kerbin Interstate System + Population Centers by @Tex

New theory on Kerbal civilization by @Tex

Tiny, Green and Big Headed by @Tex

Kerbalus Invictus - A Biological Essay by @The Error

More Kerbal Food Items by @The Optimist

Kerbin Geographic and Science Society by @togfox

Kerbal Origins and background by @vestradeus

Onto Earth by @Zuni

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Works in Progress


Songs and Poetry

Kerbal Space Songs by @genera1mayh3m

Nivee's Song Parodies by @Nivee~

Is There Life on Laythe? (David Bowie parody) by @Rover 6428



Kerbin Around by @AlphaAsh

A Stupid Little Story by @BagelRabbit

The Tinfoil Times by @purpleivan

The Truth Can Now be Told by @purpleivan

LOST on Laythe by @purpleivan

KSP: Moments (A KSP Webcomic) by @Sprocket Creations

Bill v Bill. Gravity flaws. An interactive story (Latest: Part 4) by @Tw1

The New Kerb Kerman Show! (Now with 85% less evil) by @Xacktar


Graphic Novels

A Dream of Two Worlds by @Andem

Starting a KSP Graphic Novel by @BagelRabbit

"A Tribute" - A KSP 'Beyond Home' Graphic Novel by @electricpants

& [Writing] Kerbonauts by @jamqdlaty

Kerbfleet: A Jool Odyssey by @Kuzzter

A Divide in the Sky by @Musil

Bill and Jeb's Excellent Adventure by @ninenineninefour

Plan Kappa - a KSP Graphic Novel by @Parkaboy

2001 Nights: The Graphic Novel (discontinued) by Sorabh.

Kerbal Outer space Research Agency by @Thegamer211


Short Stories

That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Fly by @0111narwhalz

Into the Deep, Dark Black by @19chickens

The Plock Endeavor by @Andem

The diary of a Kerbonaut in training by @Columbia

Dark's Collection of Random Short Stories/Deleted Scenes by @DarkOwl57

The Kerbolian Empire by @DH_Ocelot

The Revamped Stories of Bill Kerman (And Bob and Val as well) by @Dobelong

Flying after Dying by @Eccentric Orbit

Waterworld by @electricpants

Here We Go by @IFlyRockets

First Contact - a KSP Story  by @KAL 9000

Liftoff! - A word-heavy KSP history by @KerbalOmmex

KSI Mission Journal by @Kingmaker

For Your Eyes Only: Top Secret by @kiwi1960

Arousal by @LitaAlto

Renewal by @LitaAlto

2001 A Kerbal Odyssey by @MrWalrus123

The Kerbal by @RA3236

Rocket Men - A Dramatized Depiction of my Career Save by @Retrograde115

Press Release by @roboslacker

Venture Beyond by @RocketSquid

Mechjeb - a KSP short story by @Starwhip

KSP story I did for English by @StupidAndy

The Kraken Katastrophe by @TheJoolian


After Action Reports

Beagle Flight by @BostLabs

A Planet Divided - the Story of the Kold War by @CalculusWarrior

Explorers by @cy4n

The Kerbal Wilds: Career Mode Story in a Toy Solar System by @GregroxMun

Kerbals will Conquer Space Soon! by @GregroxMun

BaseCamp - a Journey to Space by @Mekan1k

From Humble Beginnings by @MinimumSky5

Reaching Duna - A story of expanding influence by @Monopropellant

Drifting by @MrWalrus123

Colonization: Chapter 6 - Atomic Science by @Patupi

Koviet Space Program by @Sanic

The Dunation (The Martian - Kerbal style) by @SirJodelstein

Oceans of Eve / The city on the Mun by @Tw1

Geronomi by @Wayfare



Kerbal Future by @0111narwhalz

YAMR - It's Anything But by @0111narwhalz

Warped Stars by @0111narwhalz

Kerboin's Spur by @Addemup2002

Kerny Kerman's Journal by @adsii1970

Kerbonuclear: a KSP story by @AHeroReborn

The Tower of the Kraken: Chapter 3 by @Alpha 360

The Duna Chronicles by @Alpha 360

576 Kelvin by @Alpha 360

Under the Radar - a KSP series by @AR3S_TGL

When we left Kerbin by @Avery616

Gemini to the Mun - and Other Missions by @AVeryNiceSpacePenguin

What if there was a war for the Kerbol system? by @Bigcheecho

Revolution: A Sequel to "What if there was a war for the Kerbol System?" by @Bigcheecho

Operation Expansion: A different kind of KSP story by @Canberra_Gaming

Higher Paths - Corrupted by @Casualnaut

In the Name of Science, a KSP novel by @Centipede

Making a Dollar or Two by @Confused Scientist

Sunny: The Memoirs of an Airline Pilot by @Confused Scientist

Perfect Tomorrow by @Creature

Revelations of the Kraken by @CatastrophicFailure

The Write Stuff by @CatastrophicFailure

Infinate Horizons Vol. 1: Beginnings by @Cortwade

Dust Storm - Surviving Duna disaster [With Pictures] by @cratercracker

Dust Storm - Night Call [Headphone/Sound experience] by @cratercracker

Dust Storm - VOYAGE [With Pictures] by @cratercracker

Forgotten Space Program by @Cydonian Monk

The Great War by @DarkOwl57

Disaster on Duna (Part 1) by @DarkOwl57

Life At The Top by @DarkOwl57

The Worst War by @Designer225

The Revamped stories of Bill, Bob, and Val by @Dobelong

The Duna Odyssey by @DunaLandings

World Without Rocket Fuel by @DunaManiac

Rogue by @electricpants

Before They Were Orange by @Endersmens

Kerbin: The War Diaries by @feriofukada

The Kerbal Space Programs (KSP Reality Kerbalized) by @fgjordy

Jebediah - a KSP Story by @Flightgames66

Boost Your Way to Anywhere ;- A Star Trek TOS Crossover by @GregroxMun

A peculiar Venusian idea of Earth, a semi-kerbal story by @GregroxMun

Project Seeker by @HansonKerman

Jeb: Origins by @HamnavoePer

Concord: Beyond the Horizon by @HippieGold

Settling Laythe by @JakeGrey

Audacity: memoirs of a Kerbonaut by @jimmymcgoochie

2019 - A Jebedian Odyssey by @Johnster_Space_Program

From Kerbin to the Mün - The Official Biography of Major Valentina Kerman by @Kalidor

Steel Talons (Chapter 1 - Cloak and Dagger) by @Kalidor

Probes - a Kerbae Ad Astra Story by @KAL 9000

Paler Blue Dot - a KSP Story of First Contact (Prologue) by @Kerbiter

Paler Blue Dot Reboot by @Kerbiter

Surviving Duna (A KSP novel) by @KerbolExplorer

A million light-years from home by  @KerbolExplorer

Five More Days by @LavaCake

This Too Must Pass by @Laythe Squid

Kearth by @livefree75

We Who Witnessed by @Lo Var Lachland

Journal of Jebediah Kerman (Missions as told by a Kerbal) by Lo Var Lachland [discontinued]

Pathos 1- The Story Prologue by @LukesWorks

The Story of Kerbin by @Mars90000000

A Mystery Beyond Science: A Kerbal Mystery Thriller by @Mars-Bound Hokie

Mün by @MatttheCzar

The Kerbal Space Program: A Head-Canon Tale by @MailletC

Upwards: A Story of Survival by @Maxilica

KSC Archives: Journey to the Stars by @MacLuky

The Kronos Maneuver by @MedwedianPresident

The Beginning of it all by @michaelsteele3

A few boosters short of a rocket; a KSP story by @MiscelanousItem

Drive to Survive - a Racing Series by @Mukita12

In the Leaf of War by @Mukita12

Antiochi: the Sirius III Files by @njmksr

Red Star Space Agency (reboot) by @Niemand303

"Darkest Fears" - A Blend of "KSP", "Stranger Things" and "It" by @NISSKEPCSIM

A Rusty and Dusty Space Adventure by @NSEP

Looking for Our Lost Home by @Orion1500

Storm Clouds by @peadar1987

A Backstory by @Pthigrivi

The Second Kerbal War by @Poryy

The Kerbal Space Program: The tale of Kerbin by @RA3236

Find the Gap - a KSP Racing Story by Resonant Waves [discontinued]

Kavy Kerlem - Wider Vistas - by @SCE2AUX2

For Glory! For Victory! by @Selective Genius

Kerbal Space Program: From Humble Beginnings by @ShadowDragon8685

Enigma of The Light by @Sharkman Briton

The Final Option - Mun landing and return (KSP 1.0) by @SiriusRocketry

Jeb's Ride - A new KSP fanfic by @SiriusRocketry

Anomaly by SiriusRocketry [discontinued]

Desmond by @SkidRowe

Test Pilot (Working title) by @Skylon

SkyTech Aerospace by @Skylon

A KSP Story by @SlabGizor117

Walking out of the Cradle by @Sorabh

Gael Industries - Stories from a new Kerbal Homeworld by @SpaceColonist

The Weird Secret of the Abandoned Airfield by @Sp4nge

Warbooster 40,000 by @Souper

Farlight by @Ten Key

KSP Fanfic - Birth of a Space Program by @Tex

The NEW Adventures of Tex Kerman by @Tex

LASA Robotic Space Program by @ThatHomelessGuy

Year 312: a Kerbal Space Program adventure by @The solid fuel chemist

The Kerbal Empire by @The Space Dino

The Munar Kerbal by @ThiccRocketScientist

Pale Green Dot: The story of the Planet Kerbin by @ThirdOfFive

Through Hardship to the Stars by @TheEpicSquared

A New Frontier by @The Error

Natagee's Dilemma by @The Flying Kerbal

The Story of the KAF by @TheKosanianMethod

Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency by @TheKosmonaut

Reaching for the Stars by @The Optimist

Jeb's Great Blimp Adventure by @The Optimist

The Camwise Logs by @UnusualAttitude

R.A. 1. Civilization can not always go in the right direction by @_UNIvErSe_

KASA Heroes Race to the Kosmos by @Vexxus9999

Kerbal Combat: The Ideology War by @War Eagle 1

To the Stars: a KSP Career Journey by @xXIndestructibleEVAXx

Spoiled by @ZooNamedGames

"Recover Vessel" KSP Survival Story by @ZooNamedGames


Non Fiction

Wings of Glory: A History of Jet Combat by @CSRobot

The Beginning - kerbal lore by ek viLLain

Uncharted Past - a Brief History of Kerbin in Uncharted Lands by @GregroxMun

The Kerbal Mythology + History Timeline by @HansonKerman

Random musings on Kerbal biology and society by @Haruspex

Kerman: a story of kerbal evolution by @Jeb-head-mug kerman

Kerbal Histories by @Kerminator1000

Encyclopaedia Kerbalis - Companion Thread by@KSK

Kerbfleet Canon Reference Files by @Kuzzter

Kerbal Geographical Society by @MedwedianPresident

Kerbal Food by @MedwedianPresident

Encyclopaedia Kerbalis by @MinimalMinmus

The Anomaly by @MrWalrus123

A Kerbal's Guide to our solar system by @NovaSilisko

My Kerbal Backstory by @Rolanvorxariat

The Foods of Kerbin by @Selrahc4040

A report on the presence of Kerbal Pirates by @Sharkman Briton

My Kerbalverse Timeline by @SiriusRocketry

Sumghai's KSP fanon by @sumghai

Space Professionals Institute of Culinary Excellence (SPICE) by @sumghai

Kerbal's Guide to Local Intelligent Star Systems by @Sylandro

How to Speak Kerbal! With Translator! by @Tanner Rawlings

A Spacetime Oddity - The Engineer Diaries by @Tex

Spacetime Oddity II: Lore of the Kerbals by @Tex

New KSP fan theory by @TheEndHathCome

The realistic origins of Kerbin (a fan made theory) by @TheJoolian

Kerbal Mythology Chapter 3 by @Xemina

Kerbal Mythology Chapter 2 by @Xemina

Kerbal Mythology Chapter 1 by @Xemina

Kerbal Historical by @Yukon0009


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Wow, nice update, KSK.


They can join The Completely Innocent and Not-at-All Massively Evil State Kelivision Network that Xackylvania runs.

We'll only oppress them a little! Promise!*

*All promises are void if the High Emperor decides he doesn't like them.

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Wow, nice update, KSK.


They can join The Completely Innocent and Not-at-All Massively Evil State Kelivision Network that Xackylvania runs.

We'll only oppress them a little! Promise!*

*All promises are void if the High Emperor decides he doesn't like them.

You spoke.

I delivered the official state news channel of another oppresive dictator country.



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Abandoned Works

I'm drawing a somewhat arbitrary line here but any unfinished piece of writing that was last updated in 2014 or earlier will eventually find its way to these dim and dusty shelves. Authors - please PM me if you'd like your work to be moved to the Works in Progress section, or better yet - add an update!




Songs and Poetry

A Simple KSP Holiday Song by @Tidus Klein

Ame-chan's Kerbally Adventure by @Ironwatsas



The not plagiarized logs of Jebediah Kerman by @GregroxMun

The Potato News Channel by @NASAFanboy

The Vostok Recordings by @Xacktar


Short Stories

The Landing by @Alex_Leonardo

I couldn't have been luckier by @an insignificant kerbal

Kerbal Space Telescope by @BagelRabbit

A Serious Mission - the Interstellar Voyage by @bloxgate

Laythe 11 by @Deadpangod3

The little guys by @FlamingPotatoes

Hyphen - a space station by @FlamingPotatoes

The Descent by @FlamingPotatoes

Into the depths of the void by @FlamingPotatoes

The Revenge of Genenand Kerman by @GamerMitch

Some first steps by @greghorst

Mechjeb's revenge by @Jug head

The Great Medwedian Crisis by @MedwedianPresident

First Contact by @NASAFanboy

My dear friend by @nonya0992

The Adventures of Ragnar Kerman by @Orion1500

Thrillmaster to the Core by @ping111

Departe Kerbol - A story of exploration - by @Poryy

Sesni's Stories by @Sesni

A Different Timeline by @Sesni

Desperation - a KSP microstory by @Souper

Captin's Log by @T.Gribbles

The Day Kerbin Stood Still by @The Jedi Master

Tom's Short Stories by @Tommy99534

Escar 5 by @Twinky827

Kethane - a must have by @7499275


After Action Reports

Kerpollo-18 - Why we never went back by @7499275

Gov vs Corp by @Android089

War of Kerbin by @Bearsh

Project Icarus - The Age of Invention by @Bearsh

The Conquest to the Red Planet by @Bearsh

Voyage to the Unknown - The Grand Tour by @Bengsch85

Grand Tour or Bust by @BigBoy734

From First Flight to Fourteenth Flag by @Captain Sierra

The Space Race by @czokletmuss

The First Dunans by @dodrian

Station Sky Sword - The Incident by @EnhancedCookie

AAR: Rebirth of KASA by @ekim98

Atari, A KSP Novel by @Fyre Flare

CONTACT - The First Voyage to Talaoon by @Gatrnerd

Generations Earlier: A Steamy Story by @GregroxMun

The Kerbin Stories by @Henry01

The Joolian Crisis by @Henry01

Romeo Protocol by @Henry01

Project: Kerbol by @Henry01

Moho AAR by @Holo

Destination Everywhere, a grand tour of the Kerbol system by @Itsdavyjones

On a Wing and a Booster... by @jigglypuffdaddy

Flight Log of Jedlorf Kerman by @Katharsis

IBO - A mission to Duna by @Krevsin

The Lliman-Crayolan Tension by @Liam Sheepman

Progress - from ground to space  by @Mekan1k

The Medwedian Space Program by @MedwedianPresident

The Medwedian Crisis by @MedwedianPresident

To Duna! A Space Race era adventure by @metalmouth7

The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge - Flight of the Taurus by @Mr.Rocket

Going Somewhere, Everywhere by @NASAFanboy

Ad Astra by @NASAFanboy

Abandoned by @NASAFanboy

Homesteading the Stars by @NASAFanboy

The Skies of Duna by @NASAFanboy

For all Kerbalkind: The Race to Space by @NASAFanboy

A Thousand Murderous Suns by @NASAFanboy

Alone in Space by @NASAFanboy

The First Satellite by @NASAFanboy

Dauntless - The Grand Tour by @NASAFanboy

Space Rock by @NASAFanboy

The Boldly Go by @NASAFanboy

Race to Duna by @NASAFanboy

Children of Sol by @NASAFanboy

Left to Die: Stranded in Space by @NASAFanboy

Offworld: A Tale of Space Travel by @NASAFanboy

The Equinox II - A Tale of Vengeance by @NuclearWarfare

The Fate of the KSS Inquisitive by @ruiluth

Legacy: Journey to Infinite and Beyond by @Sax Man Aeronautics

Race to Space by @Scorpi15

The Kerbin Science Institute by @Skyrunner27

Project Colossus by @Special Agent Sigvan

The Kerbo Project by @Sylandro

From the Ground Up: The Space Program of the United Plutonic Federation by @Sylandro

The Voyage to Eve and Gilly by @ThatKerbal

Project Jump: A Return to Space by @The Error

Journey of the Ares by @The Jedi Master

Jedi Space Program Mission Compilation by @The Jedi Master

Project Hercules - Kerbalkind's first interplanetary voyage by @thunderstar

Project Irata - Duna Outpost Mission by @Weegee

Career Modernization Program by @Zylark

Journey past the sky by @Zuni



Close Encounters of the Kerbal Kind by @aceassasin

KSP Interstellar: First Step by @Aghanim

Birth of KSS by @Alchemist

Wired for Kraken by @Angel-125

It Escaped by @Anomalous_Matter

A Son's Lament by @bacondeity

The Book of Truths by @BagelRabbit

The Space Age - The Evil Events that Happened by @Bearsh

Jebediah's First Mun Landing by @Bearsh

Kerbal Rising - by @Bearsh

Minmus Research Program by @beastcat

Jebediah's Dream - Duna One by @BigBoy734

You Can't Simply Leave Eve - by @BNKirby

The Enemy From the Unknown by @Coga19000

The Laythe Adventure by @Commander Jebidiah

Kerbin Prey by @cookiedamage

Mun Recovery Mission by @DavidF

Kerbal Khronicles by @Deadweasel

Global Warming - A Group of Kerbals' Story to Save the World by @Designer225

The Dream Middens by @DJEN

A Dream, A Wish, A Hope by @dogon11

Jebediah's Interstellar Journey by @Eurojo46

It Escaped (continuation) by @flying_chair

Orchestrating a War by @James510

Ereus Technologies - Rocket R&D by @GabrielG.A.B.Fonseca

Assorted stories of Kerbals from before the space program by @GregroxMun

Foundations: The Beginning of the Kerbal Space Program by @GregroxMun

Apollo 21: What if we kept going to the Moon by @GregroxMun

The Anthanian Saga by @halocon720

The Rifter: Going Interstellar by @halocon720

Shoot for the Mun by @HOC

Past, Present, Paradox by @isaac armstrong

The DCE Agency by @James510

The Life of a Kerbal by @Keloooe_Pest

The Battle of Minmus by @kola2DONO

Duna and Back, a backstabbing journey by @krunchysock

Fighting the Truth by @Lord Wasteland

What they found out there by @Luigibro606

Khazari civil war by @m5o5

War Over Kerbin by @MightyDarkStar

Space Mail by @Moencino

Kernbold's Adventures by @Monopropellant

The Thirty Hour War by @NASAFanboy

Space, Planets and Bloody Revolts by @NASAFanboy

Discovery (Or, How Kerbals became Space Travellers) by @NASAFanboy

Fly me to the Mun by @Naten

One Night by @Nfeld The Rocketeer

Kerbals meet Humans by @ninjakids

Dust: The Story of Those Left Behind by @Nolnoc

Kerbin 3001: The unfriendly future by @Nostrix

Kings and Cultivars by @NovaSilisko

Bump in the Night by @ping111

Cartographer by @Poryy

Battle - Kerbin by @Poryy

Pilot Issue - Dawn by @Radion

Ibis IV by @RedDwarfIV

My story of KSP by @RedPanda_UA

In orbit (KSP fanfic) by @Rjtaml

Verigan I mission log by @Rocketscience101

Dawn of Duna by @saltandvinegar

The Distress Signal by @Sesni

On the run by @Sesni

Death did not choose me, I chose my death by @Sesni

Space - we're the only ones in it right? by @Sesni

Orbit of Eeloo by @Sesni

"Wait, what's that? Laythe station respond, respond!" by @Sesni

We've lost Jeb by @Sesni

A space station under siege by @Sesni

The Apiary by @Shna_na

Desperation - A KSP Regular-sized story by @Souper

The Minmus prospect by @Spearka

First Contact by @sss

The Last of Us by @stealth_dorf

The Nexvulch Wars by @StelarCF

Because we have never been there by @sturmstiger

Kerbol's Shadow - a story about the struggle to be the first by @TaintedLion

The Rescue by @team.leit

Operation: Back to Kerbin by @TerabyteSPAAACE

A very dark secret of Bop by @th3shameless

The Log Entries of Ronney Kerman by @TheDataMiner

On a Stormy Sea: The Genesis of the Kerbal Spirit by @TheDataMiner

The QBE by @TheDataMiner

Dark Days by @The Jedi Master

Clean Slate by @The Jedi Master

Sidgun and Nellas by @The Jedi Master

Exodus: Battle for the Solar System by @towermaster2

The Story of Jeb's Return to Space by @Tuna7

Solar Farers by @Twinky827

The Dawn of Kerbal by @tychochallenge

Comrades, Kerbals and Countrymen by @UndeadInside

Comrades, Kerbals and Countrymen... by @UndeadInside

Space Wars - The Snack Time Space Program versus the evil Beehive aerospace by @VelocityPolaris

The continuing story of the Velocity Space Program by @VelocityPolaris

AKSS Intrepid: The Kerbals gone interstellar by @VelocityPolaris

The Intrepid City - Occupy the Mun - by @VelocityPolaris

A Kerbal's War by @victory143

Voyage to Planet NX GG 1667 by @Voyager55

The truth behind it all by @Whptheenah

From the Kearth to the Mun by @xmas104

The Tale of Fredwick Kerman by @yoyo478

The Menace Within - by @Zaptrip2

The Zephyr Space Program by @ZephyrSpaceProgram

KSP, the story of third Kerbin war by @ZoidPool

The Lost World by @ZooNamedGames

PHADE: The Phantom Debris Initiative by @ZootinZack

PHADE: Chapter 2 by @ZootinZack

PHADE: Chapter 3 by @ZootinZack

PHADE: Interlude by @ZootinZack

"Companionship" of the Kraken by @Zuni


Non Fiction

The Integrated Program: Reuse, Commonality, Terrifying Misuse of Blutonium by @architeuthis

History of Kerbals by @CG_Kerbin

A Theory on the Biology of Kerbalis inviolabilis by @comicbstudeo

Origins by @GregroxMun

Kerbal Profiles by @GregroxMun

The Gods of Kerbal Mythology by @miracmert

Kerbal History Timeline by @NASAFanboy

History of Kerbals by @NASAFanboy

Kerbal language by @Pachi3080

Kerbals - A Compendium of Science by @Rainbowtrout

Kerbals: The Ultimate Guide by @Rainbowtrout

A Fanfiction of the history of Kerbals on Kerbin by @robothawk

History of Kerbal space exploration by @robopilot99

Minmus and the History by @Sbowyer28

Ruman Language by @StelarCF

Itaalician alphabet evolution by @StelarCF

Kerbal History Show by @ThatKerbal



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Hey, are you still maintaining this list? If so, we may have a new category for you with several serialized graphic novels in progress! The ones I know of are,

The Asteroid Sentinels by SaturnianBlue

Graphic journal of an modded normal mode career by TheGamer211

and of course my own

Duna, Ore Bust and Eve: Order Zero

Hooray for the funny pages! :D

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Hey, are you still maintaining this list? If so, we may have a new category for you with several serialized graphic novels in progress! The ones I know of are,

The Asteroid Sentinels by SaturnianBlue

Graphic journal of an modded normal mode career by TheGamer211

and of course my own

Duna, Ore Bust and Eve: Order Zero

Hooray for the funny pages! :D

Sorry - yeah the list is in dire need of an update but it's fallen down the priority list a bit behind real life and my own story. Once the next chapter of First Flight is out, I'll find a couple of evenings and get the list, if not completely up to date, then certainly refreshed.

Edit: Refreshed as of this evening. I'm only a few pages back through the Fanworks Forum but its a start.

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This might be the place to ask - is there any chance of any of these stories getting published in an easily-read format, say epub or PDF?

Tbh, I'd pay money for a printed compilation - I'm sure many of the authors would appreciated a few $ for their efforts.

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