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[1.0] Hangar Extender v3.3


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Download from Github

This plugin extends the usable area when building in the SPH or VAB, so you can build outside or above the building. Useful for building large aircraft carriers or tall rockets.


-Enabled config values for camera max distance and work area. Check settings.txt

-Defaults are now lower than before to avoid too high cam distance when entering the editor.


-Fixed camera max zoom distance not being set. Stayed at default 35m, now 1000m.


If the work area and camera movement stays small after loading the SPH/VAB, press the hotkey to reattempt the fix.

The default hotkey is Numpad *. This key is reconfigurable in settings.txt.

For the custom key to work, the settings.txt file MUST be placed in GameData\FShangarExtender\settings.txt

The reason the scaling sometimes doesn't happen is probably due to timing between the scaling attempts and the speed the game loads the scene and settings.


-Rebuilt with code from NathanKell

-camera and work area scales

-models no longer scale, no hotkey to switch scales


-Scaling the building model now works in VAB too thanks to Bac9's help.

-Default building size configurable in the settings.txt

-Complete refactoring of the code, so let me know if there are bugs!


-Added re-bindable hot key to scale the hangar. Edit the settings.txt file.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Source: https://github.com/snjo/FShangarExtender




To get the rocket outside the building I used a 6DOF device. Regular mouse control has no horizontal panning function in the VAB.

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My keypad doesn't have a Numpad button… =[

look around, if its a laptop it should be assigned to another key with a special function key.(Usually a different color)

if its just not there you can activate the spot its normally in with a dull pencil(BE VERY GENTLE)

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Whats wrong with editor tools? Ive been using since 0.22 and ive not had a problem, just wandering what im missing.

According to what I heard, it lost the ability to scale the hangar and work area, only retaining all the other awesome functions.

They are of course welcome to include any code I made into their thing to make a better total package. This is a very tiny plugin after all. It was all about finding the right thing to hack, which changed in the last version or two.

Edited by Snjo
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I can pan outside with a regular mouse by holding down the middle mouse button and dragging sideways.

No one should have to get a 6DOF, unless they are making videos, in which case it's awesome to pan and zoom smoothly.

To bad they are expensive. I got an old worn one from work.

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