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Looking for old Star Wars game


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So the title probably already confused you, so here's the backstory:

When I was a kid, I would watch my big brother play all the popular games on his PC back in the early 2000s. He's the main reason I have Half Life 2, Call of Duty 1, Republic Commandos, Age of Empires 2, and many more. The funny thing is I discovered most of the games on my own years later, as I never knew the titles of the games when I first saw them. It's like a really drawn out scavenger hunt.

But I still haven't found a star wars game that I really took an interest in, and I'm now resorting to forums. Here's the main details I remember:

1. It's an FPS

2. You use blasters, vehicles, and a light saber

3. There's an AT-ST in a desert/canyon mission, so most likely post-movie era

4. During a cutscene, the player walks into a bar and starts to talk to the bartender, who throws a glass he was washing offscreen, then shouts, "Jesse!" I remember that specifically because it was really funny for some reason.

5. When you get the light saber, it's on an elevated (possibly octagonal) platform, where walls lower over it when you get too close. You have to get it by getting a running start and jumping onto the platform, outrunning the walls.

6. I'd say the graphics were HL2-quality, and my brother plays everything on max settings.

7. I think the last boss was with a "dinosaur-looking" sith (that's how I described him back then, anyway)

8. Pretty sure there was multiplayer.

I've scoured Steam, but I don't think it's on there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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