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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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Flip, you HAVE to show us the whole bird!
You wish "flip" to show you 'the bird"..... I think the obvious is coming! 8p The bird the whole bird and nothing but the bird!

I was tempted to make a handshaped object... But not tempted enough. You'll see the Bird soonâ„¢.

Trying to make an SSTO....

I love the aesthetics of this.

A nice little test drive of my Ma- I mean Duna Excursion Rover, or the DER. Waaay too top heavy though.

What mod/s are you using for this Rover?

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I've made the wings bigger on my space shuttle, and it the COM and DCOM is almost at the same place now, but still it pitches towards the orbiter around 6Km up.https://i.imgur.com/XFZADyg.png

Are you using Thunder Aerospace Corporation's Fuel Balancer ? As well are you transferring fuel to the shuttle from the main tank as you launch?

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Columbia struts don't save in subassembly

But you can try moving the .craft from subassembly folder to sph folder maybe it works.

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Working on a colony ship. Part count is rising, though, and FPS are dropping.


Each of the "drop-pods" can house 20 Kerbals, and uses a combination of the thruster on the bottom plus a "sky-crane" pair of engines above to set it onto some planetary body somewhere in the galaxy. The main craft should have somewhere around 5,000 delta-V when everything is connected. The main cockpit is the 3-man pod that I scaled up to "Orion" size, and is now a 6-man capsule.

Still need to launch and dock the rest of the pods. Then, send up a refueling vessel to top it off, although the thing is mostly full as it stands now.

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I finally have the first section of the bridge standing erect (Damn me and my dirty mind) and now I have to work on the last two sections, which I'll probably use booster stacks with.

I worked it around by duplicating the section instead of saving it as a subassembly.


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That's a beautiful bridge! Wish we had cables in stock. What's the size?

Thanks, it's actually pretty small, 4 meters width. It stretches through the entirety of the SPH, though.

I wish I had thought twice before using Mk1 Fuselages.. SRB cans would've saved me a lot of lag.

1839 parts is really, really insane.


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