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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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Cool! That front looks great, that's exactly what I meant when I suggested the rover bodies. I just recently did the same trick in my broadsword, and it looks much better, a bit lighter, even. You could also cover the sides of the ports with them I think. Now how about replacing the second structural cone (the one facing backwards) with a large reaction wheel? Lighter, more cylindrical, and it provides torque. Half the coloration also works better ;)

Rune. How about giving it a kerbpaint job at the end?

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My work in progress

this is a replica of the two upper Apollo stages







i did think that this having is own thread would not work because it has no Saturn v.

the problem is not tht i couldn't make the Saturn V but that my pc can't handle it.

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Well if editor extensions lets you make anything surface attachable, maybe you could use some landing gear for bay door hinges. And yeah, making a stock Grimoire was almost easy. uQUSNy7.pngSjvONwk.pngyObGdWT.pngyObGdWT.png She flies nice. made it back to orbit no problem. 7cxDZJS.png Thomwin and herdous kerman would like to come out and take a better look at the beautiful craft. Unfortunately, the hatch is obstructed :(

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This is B.Punch Mk-1

It is an exploration plane designed as part of my upcoming modular Laythe colony.




It is surprisingly stable in atmo and easy to fly, and also features an ejection system.



Now the problem is that it needs to get into orbit for a Tug to pick it up, but I can't think of any obvious way to attach boosters to it.

Help and suggestions are welcome

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This is B.Punch Mk-1

Now the problem is that it needs to get into orbit for a Tug to pick it up, but I can't think of any obvious way to attach boosters to it.

Help and suggestions are welcome

You could either take two in a rocket launched vertically, or build a custom horizontally taking-off spaceplane/rocket? If you empty the tanks to be refueled in orbit it'd probably make it a lot easier to take up as well

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This is B.Punch Mk-1

It is an exploration plane designed as part of my upcoming modular Laythe colony.




It is surprisingly stable in atmo and easy to fly, and also features an ejection system.



Now the problem is that it needs to get into orbit for a Tug to pick it up, but I can't think of any obvious way to attach boosters to it.

Help and suggestions are welcome

I have a method of attaching things under a jet engine. Send me the .craft I'll see what. I can do.

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Replace the antennae with gatling guns. Give one craft to a friend. Go onto a KMP server. DUEL TO THE DEATH!!!!!

XD I definitely have X-Wing v Tie Fighter dreams, but my attempts at stock weapons that look aesthetically pleasing have been a bit.... failureful

edit: I think we may have to discuss a resolution/number of pictures limit on this thread...

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I've had an inspired afternoon:


Exactly 400 parts on the pad, which is a bit too much, but then again, 150-something of those are the first stage, and it does have the 30 first stage engines and the 8 second stage ones. I say WIP because I'm running the test mission, but I doubt I run into any problems. And if the margins I think I left are not enough... well, I'm running the first and second stage engines with thrust limiters at 66%, so there is certainly some room to grow it.

Rune. At last I've solved my lack of Russian replicas. And I think I do it justice.

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Nice N1. What kind of engines are under there?

LV-T45s as NK-15 equivalents and Radial Mark 55s as NK-21s. Those make up the first three stages and leave you in almost-orbit. From then on, single poodle on the Blok G as Nk-19, and the Blok D runs on a LV-909. By then I have thrown accuracy more or less out the window, so another one powers the Soyuz 7k-LOK (which considering it has solar panels, doesn't look like a 7K-LOK anyway), a couple of 48-7S for the LK lander and Soyuz, which now looks the part (even though it still has solar panels, they now make a skirt) (no backups for me!).

Rune. Come of think of it, I'm going to solve the solar panels situation. Edit: done!

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Hello! This my first post in this forum. Greetings everyone. I would like to post my progress in carrier mode, from the very first craft to the actual one.

Kezdő (Starter) - first craft with orbital capabilities, since radial decouplers and parachutes are unavailable, I had to circumvent their absence.


Sárkány-1 (Dragon-1) - First scientific craft with the ability to orbit the Mun and return to Kerbin.


Sárkány-2 - First Mun lander design, however flaws in the design was later led to an incident.


A little history with the participation of Jebediah Kerman. Jebediah was scheduled to land on the Mun, however the captured his craft in such unexpected way that he had to use a lot of fuel, so the landing attempt was abandoned. He had just enough fuel to return to Kerbin, but suddenly the electricity run out.


Sárkány-3 - The craft designed to save Jebediah Kerman, it has less engines, but the same amount of fuel. Since docking port are haven't been researched yet, Jebediah Had to fly to the other craft in EVA.


Sárkány-3-AU (AUtomatizált, short for automated) - After Jebediah was clinging on Bill's ship for his life, the leadership at Kerkonur Kerbodrome realized that under these conditions the craft has no warp capabilities. That is why they designed an automated saviour.


Jebediah returned to his derelict craft, waited a mere week, then finally boarded the lander.


His mission was not over however, he still had to land and collect a surface sample. Which he did.


Sárkány-4-AU - The next craft in development had only more boosters and larger boosters.


Sárkány-4-AU-Nagy (Big) - Note missing connectors.


Sárkány-5-AU - Had a more advanced lander, with extended scientific capabilities.


Sárkány-6-AT (ATom, here it is equivalent for the word nuclear) - Involved in the first Minmus landing. Because the fairings' of the nuclear engine are dangerous, the the final separation and engine activation have to be carried out manually. The expedition at first was very successful since Bob Kerman easily explored the small moon with his jetpack, and brought several surface samples and EVA reports. However he reached a dangerous velocity, hit the surface and died. The samples have been returned regardless.


Garabonciás-01 (no English equivalent exists, information about the origin of the word: http://mek.oszk.hu/02100/02115/html/2-592.html) - Intended as the first member in the series of Munar landers to construct a major permanent base. Borrows the lifter from the Sárkány-5, with some extra boosters.




Garabonciás-02 - Minor, but important changes. The probe dome was put on top of the lander, this way the retrograde marker is at the correct position. After a second successful landing, the crafts were separated by a few thousand km-s. Disaster struck in the canyon of the Farside Crater, the descend proved to be too much for the wheels, and the front of the vehicle exploded after touching the ground. The habitat unit and the command pod contained 5 kerbonauts. The other two survived in the science module, repaired the remaining 4 wheels and called an emergency lander.


The journey of Genezer Kerman proved to be trecherous, first he was catapulted away and blew up the left side of the recovery lander when it docked with a refueler probe (it probably doesn't like occupied seats), then he had to use his EVA RCS to reach orbital velocity again, board the the other seat, survive the entire trip to Kerbal orbit, just to die on Kerbin when the parachutes fully deployed, knocking him out of his seat.


Csillagromboló-01 (Stardestroyer, engine block) - The Mun base project was postponed in favour of this megaconstruction. Xenon fascinated kerbal scientists for a long time, so they decided to build a spaceship what will put it to good use, with it's 40 ion engines providing 20 thrust. The useful mass is 50.58 t compared to the initial 431.9 t, and this is just the engine block of the craft. Surprisingly it reached orbit on it's first launch, and even retained a large portion of it's lifter fuel, without even using the nuclear engine.





Csillagromboló-02 (solar energy unit) - Accidentally reaching 56 t of useful mass, the extra 6 t required 18 more boosters. After exhausting all of it's fuel in sub-orbit, the activation of the nuclear engine provided a little surprise for the kerbal control center, because the action also immediately separated it from the ship, in desperation they used monopropellant to raise the apoapsis from 35 km to a safe 72 km.




Past three tedious days (real time), the two parts finally merged. The triple docking ports had a little trouble connecting, but after two of them joined, rotating the craft faster convinced the other 4 that docking will be their best initiative.




Now it only needs a crew and a lander, and the exploration of Duna, Jool and Eeloo will begin. (Is it pure coincidence that Duna means Danube in Hungarian?)

Héja-1 (Hawk) - The first spaceplane using experimental VTO, because landing gear haven't been invented yet.


Héja-2 - Has two engines without the help of a bi-coupler.


Héja-3 - Has three engines, more air intakes, landing gear, science equipment but the most important feature is the connectors preventing wing and tail elasticity and wobble.


Héja-4 - Wings placed forward to synchronize fins, engines reduced to decrease fuel consumption. Able to reach North-Pole.


Héja-4-H (Hosszú, short for long -> longrange) - Has drop tanks to improve range, next version will have the extra engines on tanks closest to the fuselage. Can reach badlands.


Héje-4 - Shuttle version of the original craft, most parts had to be built without symmetry, will be update to nuclear engine. Lifter is unique.



I use combined RCS thruster on all ships and planes, first I place a linear thruster, then I put a quad thruster on it. This way it has thrusting power in five directions. On long rockets I only place 4 of these, each on the tip of long I-beams, then I put the I-beams on the sides, left-right, front-rear. Makes rockets consisting of two jumbos easy to turn and dock.

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