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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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Alright, all the remastered KNS crafts are done, i also as a bonus did a small update on the old "Fornet". I also did an update on the SeaRaider, but it looked a little too goofy so i dropped it.

So here's a little preview, as im just way too exited with the result i got with the crafts, especially the new K.S.S Krucible II.





Now bigger, better and more well detailed than ever before. It shares a lot of design elements with the original, but thankfully no the part count, witch in this bigger version is a little lower.


And now for some other GOOD NEWS!...or just news really.

Im gonna be taking a leap from written stuff into proper videos. For that i got a proper mic and web-cam that should hopefully help me produce some quality stuff.

The first vid should hopefully happen this weekend. It's going to include a group test/in-depth look into the new remastered KNS crafts.

And yes, if im brave enough, you'll get to see me ugly mug for the first time :wink:.

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I spent the morning experimenting with Fowler Flaps, but found them infeasible. Instead, I I made this simple Mk0 profile Split flap for future schenanigans.


Did I mention Shenanigans? I was thinking of this absurd craft when I had an even more absurd idea...


One of my early KerbalX uploads was an A-10 which had a working* GAU-8 in it. I figured that it was time to revisit that concept for real this time.


To my knowledge, nobody else has mounted a stock gun in an A-10, but that didn't stop me from making a new cannon which fits into a structural fuselage for maximum effect. 40 rounds, range of 3km when static fired.


Both creations manifested themselves in this heavily WIP design. I've managed to keep it at 1:1 scale for now, but that's quite possibly going to be changed to a 1:1.25 scale if I can't get proportions right.

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I have so many WIP's to finish and I keep working on more :D Here's an SSTO I've been trying get done many times and always came up short. Either the craft wasn't doing the SSTO or it was looking strange or it was flipping shortly after take off. Most seem to do better with the SR71 shape. I've been wanting a nice Shuttle for a future Space Station. I would like it to do the SSTO thing, refuel at the Station then be able to return to Kerbin or other Planet surfaces. I still have a few things to tweak like it needs braking, more electrical, communications, control for docking.....etc...

Right now the balance is wonderful on reentry, fuel was very low after getting in LKO, a rendezvous would have to be seriously accurate at this time. It's also got a Crew Cabin and a Clamp O Tron on it's topside. The pictures are after making an emergency landing. Control was awesome without using RCS, also planning to do some docking test next at a later date.


SSTO Shuttle 7



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Other projects I've been working on.. 1.5 introduced a remodeled mk1 capsule, so I rebuilt my Mercury Redstone and Atlas (not pictured). A special update is also shown in the spoiler below




Sneak Peek:


I need your thoughts on a release date, I'm thinking of either Christmas day or July 16, 2019 (50th anniversary of Apollo 11 launch). 


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Gun works, flaps work, plane works. The nose is still pretty ugly to me, so I might see what can be done to improve the design.


But other than than, visually, I think the craft is there. The only other thing that I might add is a set of fowler flaps made by @HB Stratos inspired by a failed attempt of mine at making proper Fowlers at 1.25m scale. He managed to make a set that work beautifully at .625m scale, which is just what this craft needs.


Here's my design, in case it inspires anyone else.

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Most of you know me, I got more WIP then a Horse Jockey at the Kentucky Derby!! :D 

This was the first phase of this project, a Command Center, the second phase would be the framework between the lighted panels, phase three add the lighted panel sections in alternating launches with the framework that would go between them........and that was the wish hand! You can see how this project went in the photo gallery below.

Spacedock Azimuth then Space Station Azimuth attempts



This was one of my inspirational pictures



Photo Gallery



This is what I was hoping to complete but complications have become overwhelming, not sure if I will continue with another attempt at a later date or not.



Off to Orbit we go!!!!.......yeah often easier said then done! This barely made Orbit



Many trips to the Launch pad were made until it was structurally sound enough to Launch, and many Launches failed



Idea after idea and launch after launch these sections where just not cooperating with me.








Things weren't connecting well, launches and rendezvous were taking lot's of time more ideas came to mind but couplers were not functioning correctly because I brought the project into a newer version. At lease that's what I'm thinking caused their malfunction. I was not about to put this into Orbit again with new couplers.......:confused:






Decided to create a Space Station with the Command Center and add Labs with Communications and the Coupler trouble i was having was still happening, totally forgot about that and was going for one last attempt to have a completed project here. :/


To be continued?..........uh.....not sure atm....




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I recently started work on my newest replica, the H-4 Hercules, or as it is more commonly referred to as, the Spruce Goose. Which I will hereby be referring to as the Goose. I decided to tackle the Goose simply because the number of hugemongous aircraft for me to build is beginning to run low, and the Goose was simply next on the list. Initially I planned for the Goose to simply be a little side project while I worked on the Azathoth. However, I soon discovered that the Goose's design is far more interesting and complex than I had thought, and as per usual the project took on a life of its own.


So far the only wing surface that has been completed is the tail. However, the fuselage is fully complete already.


My favorite part of the fuselage is in the rear section. This particular part of the fuselage represents the first time I've been able to create smooth curved surface in KSP. It's difficult to convey in screenshots, but it is quite fascinating to look at.



The technique I used to create this curved surface is rather simple, if part intensive. 80 parts are dedicated to this one design detail, but I feel that is a necessary sacrifice for the purpose of recreating the Goose's (surprisingly complex) fuselage. 


Overall the craft currently sits at 386 parts. Which doesn't sound too high, until you consider the fact that the Goose was prop powered. And I'm not doing fake props here. I've already built the props this Goose is going to use.


I built this 1:1 replica of the Pratt & Whitney R-4360 propeller engine, as it was configured on the Goose. At 94 parts (93 without decoupler), these engines alone will add 744 parts to the final craft, since the Goose has 8 of them. I firmly believe that these props will be up to the task though. Each is powered by 40 of the 1.25m reaction wheels and produces 232 kN of thrust, and they will give my Goose 1850 kN of thrust in total. Just to be sure I have built my goose to be very lightweight, and it currently stands at only 57 tonnes despite it's huge size, this is thanks to the fact that I have been absolutely avoiding the use of any Mk3 parts. At this pace the engines themselves will account for most of the craft's mass once it is completed.

It is pertinent to mention that this will be the first electric prop aircraft that I have built that is over 2 tonnes. I do hope that inspires confidence.



I have now added the tail planes. The part count is already up to 630, which is far from Ideal. Nonetheless it's looking good so far.



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Slight tweak to make the plane look a little better, and more landing tests.

First successful landing, albeit with 4 destroyed tailfins. This plane needs a really soft landing.

Also, something I've not taken a screenshot of, the angled auxiliary engine  so that this monstrosity can even take off with its 200 tons of weight, also doubles as the propulsion unit for taxiing on runways.

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Got to fiddling with stock props today, I found myself trying to build multi-engine planes, which gets tricky when you don't want adverse torque effecting handling, so I started fiddling with contra-rotating propeller engines in tidy packages, and now I have this.


The two engines in the fairing both have two RTGs and two of the smallest reaction wheels apiece.  This is not designed to be fast or powerful, just to work reliably and produce some thrust.  Of course thrust changes with speed, so this is the static thrust position, with the blades fully deployed.  I have yet to test this in motion, but I expect to be able to adjust the deploy limit to get some respectable speed from it.


[Edit] In testing with a rather unimaginative plane I got to just over 50m/s.  I'm sure it would be possible to get faster with more of them, but I didn't want to fiddle with differential thrust and the control problems that come with it for the first flight test.


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42 minutes ago, Thor Wotansen said:

I might be building a fleet.

[images moved into spoiler tag for space reasons. Get it, "space"? Ehhhh? -sturmhauke]




Too bad I'm bad at names.

Reminds me a little of EVE Online.

Minmatar Typhoon-class battleship:



Blood Raiders Ashimmu-class cruiser:




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