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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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I am exploring lifters heavier than what I have done to date. This one is Ivan:


The central, upper cluster is the test load.  First stage has 7 Mammoths and the second stage has 4 Rhinos.  The triangular outboard stacks give a truss point for the payload to keep it fixed.

So far, I am managing to deliver about 460 tons to orbit but the Rhinos do struggle...  I've done better with a more conventional configuration but loads of this order mass can get pretty wobbly  unless firmly anchored.  There's some parallel staging at work and the payload gets to keep the center Rhino if it can use it.


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Progress on the Azathoth Carrier has sped up massively thanks to 1.6. The body (hull?) is starting to take shape, and internal features such as the microfighter bay are well underway.



The Carrier itself is sitting comfortably at 2960 parts and 4600 tonnes. The design is basically finalized at this point, and with no more memory leakage issues I'll likely be able to complete it within the next month or so.



I'm estimating final part count to be around 4000, can't see it going toooo much higher than that at this point, of course that's excluding all of the aircraft that will go on this thing, which altogether will add another 650 parts.


@Kerbalwerks hOLY sMOKES. That Voyager looks incredible man! Under 1000 parts too.   :o

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2 minutes ago, Phantomic said:

We do indeed, have a winner. Since this utilizes my new engine i think i might be able to pull off floats too, looks like i need that little intake under the nose

Don't bother, its unique to that image. It seems others do not have that little intake

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33 minutes ago, Phantomic said:

been doing a bit of off roading myself, of course it took for ever doing 60m/s

Bushcraft, I love it. &)


Gave it wheels and a small electric engine, the wide stance holds this buggy from flipping over, nice ride so far. :cool:




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testing my reversable skycrane, will be used to ferry parts of the surface station from the orbital dock to the muns surface.

its got a sr port on top and a reg port on bottom and using action groups i can change its orientation from being controlled by one port or the other, and the respective engines on that side.

to bad the action groups go away if we dock/undock things.


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