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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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10 hours ago, Jacke said:

I think that would have been due to the Google Gmail and Drive outage recently.  Seems to be back now.


6 hours ago, Levelord said:

It should work. You should click the download button below the 'no preview' available text.

It works now, got it.

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@Castille7 and I are working on Part 2 of the Construction Site.  Part 1 is located here.

 I was inspired by a truck @Phantomic completed with suspension that had a grabber as a center pivot.  Instead of suspension I used the grabber for articulation on a front end loader for Castille7's construction site.


 Future Construction Site videos will probably have other awesome heavy equipment like trucks and cranes and scaffolding and whatever else we can come up with.

 (There's actually a dump truck waaaay in the background there).  Stay tuned.


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I have the Crawler Transporter hydraulics faked well enough, using the airlock's docking and retracting capabilities. I've started working on the Mobile Launch Platform, and I think it might be a little large for the scale of Kerbal, but is pretty good in relation to the CT.

Just some kinks to work out...


It's almost there, just need to strengthen that final connection to the wheels. When I retract the airbrakes, the airlock docked connections aren't strong enough to hold the weight.
(More images in spoiler below).



In place under the MLP

Lifted to the hold the MLP

MLP completely supported by the CT (but with airbrakes)


Overhead shot of the CT on the crawlerway

Overall shot of the CT nearby the MLP


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As always, the problem often just requires a simple solution.
The Sideproject just needed more lift and all I had to do was add in a little more wing parts.


Took the chance to try out something I've learned from studying other people's aircraft designs right there in the center.

Back to the Mainproject with my new knowledge from working on the Sideproject!

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Close to finishing a 1:1 replica of the famous Soyuz-FG launcher and the Soyuz MS spacecraft. My previous Soyuz was disproportional and not to scale which led me to create a replica that I am satisfied with.



I'm starting to really like the look and finish that fuel cells give to the vehicles I make; but working with them is another story. Just look at my Saturn V (another sneak peek):


Every stripe you see here is all fuel cells.

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An upcoming SSTO capable of landing anywhere on Duna. Apparently, I don't exactly know how to build efficient VTOL SSTOs, let alone SSTOs that can return from Duna, which is why we're getting some delays on FS-PO Phoenix Vert's release.

Jeb and Bill are currently stranded in orbit around Duna thanks to my incompetence.

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Hello!Here's my latest WIP drone (well, WIP, I've been working on this one for too long! :D ) 




I've named it the ASRD (Automated Short Range Drone). It has two Juno engine and is made of Mk0 fuel tank. I didn't check the length and size but its very very small! I think its like 5 tonnes and 10m long. It take off very easily and has a max speed of ~350m/s and a ceiling of about 25km. I'm very proud of this plane, I feel it is the most efficient and cool plane I've ever made! :D



Thanks for reading! :P

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Figured it's about time to build another rig, kind of in tribute to a certain country singer, i'll be posting on april 4th (hint for those curious) and i kinda wanted to make a sleeper too with a full interior.

now i havent built the interior yet but it does have something pretty neat under the hood


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Load tests for the 32-2. Added an additional belly hardpoint at the end to differentiate it from the 32 which could take a single Mk1-sized belly tank(and the 32-2 could only take Mk0 belly tanks) by letting it take 2 Mk0 belly tanks.


Finalised version with a drop tank as default.

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