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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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@klond and I are still hammering away at more Construction Site Craft builds. Here are some scenes showing whats in store for Construction Site 4!

K&S Construction Site 4
Update: 08.31.19




Project Complete, see it here!


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So I decided to try my hand with replicas, and started with one of my favorite all time aircraft: the MiG-21.



Still very heavily a WIP. I'm trying to avoid engine clipping but it's going to be a pain as I can't get enough thrust to avoid the drag issues brought on by an aircraft designed like this

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Had another small gap to build something and decided it was time to continue the huge naval-aircraft pack once again.

This time with the naval version of the Halifax bomber.




With the addition of the naval-aircraft pack, im also trying to get some more ships out again for the KNS project.

Here's an early look at one of the new ships. It's a fictional modernized version of the WWII British battle-cruiser HMS Renown. The modernization follows the same style as the Iowa-class battleships:, new mast's, CIWS's, missiles, new radars...that sort of stuff.




Unfortunately due to all the move/school related stuff that has to be done, it may take a while before i get any of this stuff uploaded here, so enjoy these small tastings for now.

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Something came to my mind recently, will have to experiment more on my test craft, but its pretty promising for an idea I have.



It actually works pretty well to control the aircraft, but unfortunately linking the rotors to the roll axis doesn't let SAS use them to stabilise the aircraft so some control surfaces tied to roll will be needed.

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I built a completely awful SSTO today.


Because of the star-shaped wings, the craft has a CoL poised mere centimetres behind the CoM. When you roll it, it often attempts to roll the other way, and it pitches far too fast to be useful. It does, however, pack over 2km/s in orbit.

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My 747sp replica has seen some nice progress (if gradual). The craft has its tail fin and tail planes, giving it a total of 768 parts so far.


The vast majority of the work I've been doing has been on the wing. For this project I wanted to accurately replicate the flaps used on the 747sp using stock mechanisms and without any DLC parts. So far I have working Krueger flaps as well as a single WIP zap flap. At the moment it only functions as a control surface, I will make it be able to deploy later.


Funny thing is, the wing is 181 parts already, even though the actual wing has barely any progress done on it at all. And only half of the stock mechanisms are done, since I need to build another unique zap flap after I finish the first one. Funny that I'm doing so much work to incorporate features that don't actually do anything due to how basic KSP's aerodynamics system is.

Overall this project has quickly gone out of proportion, mainly because with the announcement of KSP 2 (and college) I'm uncertain that I'll even have time to start another project after this, so I'm pulling out all the stops and making this craft my magnum opus.

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WIP V-1 with autopilot (BG and TS)

*real size and weight
*gyroscopic elevator control
*guidance at target - It can correct course deviation up to 40 degrees
*stable flight whithout ailerons and reaction wheel(roll axis is free wheeled)
*60-70 km range and 400m accuracy
*pulsejet at 20 hz

Not done yet:
*launch catapult
*better accuracy

Will never be done:
*real speed


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