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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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4 hours ago, Kronus_Aerospace said:

Thank you! And yes indeed that is the general trend, I think it's due to a mixture of the playerbase's skill building over time, and optimizations continuously being made to the game to allow for larger and larger craft.

I agree completely, but maybe substituting "ambition" for "skill" - it's so much easier to tackle highly complex builds than it was versions ago, and the support system of other builders encourages people to dream bigger and do one better than has been done before.

Personally, I subscribe to the idea that perfection comes when there is nothing left to take away. And while I appreciate 1000+ part count monsters (I certainly wish I had the patience and time to make a few more, myself), you can exhibit skill in smaller builds just as much (if not more so) than it larger ones.


Which I suppose brings me to a segue towards my latest project, the Vought F8U Crusader


It's a very low-part count replica (as far as 1:1 replicas of mine go), at just over 200 parts, though I definitely wouldn't call it anywhere near perfect. The body shaping is a fair approximation, and there's definitely room to make a much better model (in the 350-400 part range, probably), and I look forwards to seeing how whoever makes that build does it. I was definitely tempted a few times building this to tear it down and completely rebuild it, since the intake isn't shaped quite right, and the cockpit is too rounded at the back, and so on, but I resisted that temptation, since this project wasn't about that. It's about completing a project that vexed me for the better part of a year, before sitting dormant for another one. So in the end, I suppose this is more about accepting that something isn't perfect, and appreciating it for the sole fact that it is completed.


Now that I'm done philosophizing, here's the nuts and bolts: This is (probably) the first full craft build released using Bendy Tech to create stock functionality. In this case, the Crusader's 7-degree elevation variable incidence wing. Bendy Tech has the major advantage of not relying on docking ports or separate craft, so small rotations and high-stress applications can be created without losing the control authority that comes with a floating wing (which would have been required for this particular build before the development of Bendy Tech).

For more about Bendy Tech, check out the thread I wrote on the topic:


All that combines with low wing-loading and high TWR to give the Crusader absolutely insane low-speed performance. You can see it here flying straight and level (kinda) at 35m/s, which I can assure you, is rather fun for a craft that can also push the sound barrier. You could definitely land it on the VAB as-is.

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Well, made a new ship over the weekend, and i put together a new missile concept which consistently obliterates it with proper aim not to mention does serious damage to my older Nebula class frigate.  Guess girders are actually a bit better then ibeams for damage dealing if you put em together the right way.


Not even all that complex, clipped it like crazy (its basically rammed into a ship as fast as possible so i dont care about clipping being very prone to being obliterated).



Newest warship, the javelin class heavy frigate/destroyer (frigate by armor and size, destroyer if you consider its weapons).  i made this thing as part of BCorp's (the less advanced of 2 major factions in universe) new technology lineup, and it actually came out pretty solid with both good looks, ok range/mobility, acceptable armor (at least against sepatron powered ibeam weapons), and well my new AKS G7f torpedo made it instantly go away every time, but thats sorta expected since AKS ships are like the equivalent of like 2-4 BCorp ones in firepower/armor...



It also cut half of my nebula class apart, not really disabled, but its pretty rare to see any weapon do that sort of damage given that most weapons which done weigh over 10t have been extremely inconsistent after multicore was a thing (and armor seems to have become alot better at shattering weapons as well).  I like how its shifted the dynamic more towards properly designed ship armor compared to the old 0.90 days where the simplest warheads could obliterate the largest vessel with good consistency and every ship was notorious for being split apart.

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After a failed persuasion roll to not do such a thing, one of my friends has inadvertently convinced me to build a replica of the Mitsubishi F-2, a sort of Super-Viper F-16 derivative used in the Japan Air Self Defense Force.


The key to this build for me was the stabilators. If I couldn't get them, it wasn't worth doing. The trouble with making good F-16/F-2 tailplanes kept me from making a high-detail replica for some time, but again, thanks to the wonders of Bendy Tech, we can now create functional control surfaces of all kinds without relying on the parts added in the DLC.


Since there aren't many good blueprints of the F-2, I've brought an old technique out of the back room. This sort of framing is very useful if you're working from a three-view and you want to make sure you get the proportions right before you move into real parts. 

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On 1/26/2020 at 10:17 AM, Torn4dO said:

After roughly 30 hours I have pretty much finished the outside of my spacestation, time to start working on the interior starting with 3 hangar bays! But after that I'll still have ALOT of empty space to fill up.

Right now the partcount is 6700

My God... it's full of parts!

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I invented a stock BendyTech servo that can rotate continuously in both directions, and function under high-stress loads.

So I'm doing what any reasonable person would do given this power:


I'm building an excavator.


I imagined this craft as both highly detailed and highly functional demonstrator for BendyTech to really push the limits of what's possible with parts pushing each other around.


As such, I'm going all-out on the details. This particular curve vexed me for a bit, but I'm incredibly happy with the end result.

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In an attempt to diversify my replica collection I've started working on a replica of the Atlas LV-3B. It was a manned launch vehicle used by the US during Project Mercury to put the first American into orbit.


A novel feature of the Atlas was its "stage-and-a-half" system. Part way through the flight the Atlas would shed its outer booster engines, leaving the central sustainer engine and verniers to continue the ascent. Getting this to work on my stock replica has been challenging as there is barely any space between the sustainer engine and booster assembly. My current solution is to use a two-piece intermeshing booster skirt. Basically the skirt separates into two pieces but are still held together by parts that have been offset into one another. This gives the skirt a little room to flex, resulting in a (somewhat) clean separation. 


Atlas and Mercury in orbit. 


The capsule also includes a deployable impact skirt for extra realism.


In other news, I've managed to make some progress on a Soyuz replica. I've been working on this replica on and off since version 1.5.1, but the feature I struggled with most until now was the launch escape system (SAS). The grid fins were particularly problematic as they had a tendency to detach during the escape sequence.


The grid fins are torn off as SAS is activated.



The solution was to replace the original 1x1 structural plates with a custom thermometer latticework. This new design is lighter and produces less drag when fully deployed. As a result the new fins stay attached during the escape sequence. They also have the added benefit of actually looking like grid fins.


Successful grid fin deployment. 

Barring any new problems cropping up the Soyuz should be ready for release soon, with the Atlas coming sometime after. 

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4 hours ago, tehmattguy said:



The solution was to replace the original 1x1 structural plates with a custom thermometer latticework. This new design is lighter and produces less drag when fully deployed. As a result the new fins stay attached during the escape sequence. They also have the added benefit of actually looking like grid fins.


Successful grid fin deployment. 

Barring any new problems cropping up the Soyuz should be ready for release soon, with the Atlas coming sometime after. 

The amount of work those little bitty thermometers can do in this game is insane. I used them in some stock prop designs back in the pre-Breaking Ground days.

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More progress on another ship that ive rebuilt like probably 6 times in the time ive played KSP, this time doing it from scratch as i wanted it to be as close to authentic looking and actually not lag the crap out of my machine.  Its a bit hacky, but proper abuse of offset tool in the game (hold down shift key to disable the limits) lets you make a floating girder thats attached to any part in the ship (and ofc i add a strut to not destroy immersion completely so if stuff gets blown apart you never see floating parts connected by phantom invisible forces).


That strut is attached to the core girder behind the armor panels in the back despite technically floating in mid air.  Im genuinely not a fan of abusing things like this, but i have no idea how to make ships that dont eat 500 parts without it and are actually decently sized :(...


And thats the exterior of my 6th or so (genuinely lost count, but i do recall at least 5 previous completely separate attempts at making this ship that arent just minor iterations of each other or anything) replica of my favorite star wars warship.  Its also one of the harder ones to get right without going batshat crazy with parts since the hull is insanely complex (and i cannot actually take advantage of mk2/mk3 parts to cut parts as the hull is like flat top/bottom).  No idea how well this will stand up to weapons fire (its using sorta outdated armor techniques as i couldnt take the part count hit to make a super insanely armored core), but hopefully it will at least be impossible to destroy with a corvette sized ship (if it cant stand up to a nova class its useless armor wise).

My goal when this is done is to not exceed the Dimension class cruiser i made in part count as its supposed to carry fighters and just lags super badly right now.  If i skimp on bridge detailing and dont make articulated doors (which im probably going to do as one of the things i like about said ship is the door on the top made of multiple segments that telescope), its likely doable.


Also made even more edits to said dimension class, with the primary goal being cutting parts and not loosing its armor integrity.  Result was fairly solid, replaced the 4 MK1 LF tanks per engine with 2 long 1.25m rocket fuel tanks (edited to be only LF carrying as i dont need OX for nuke engines), no notable armor loss/improvement.  Ofc i still cant figure out how to stop the observation deck from being blown off on the 1st hit from any weapons (and no idea why it gets shot off when i dont even hit near it either), but at least the ship itself has proven to be near invincible to stock weapons tech at least discounting multiple subsequent hits to the center which will saw the ship in half.


Yeah, i have to think of something to fix the primary bridge and observation deck/secondary bridge that notoriously fall off the craft every time it gets hit in the midsection...

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@Castille7 and @klond, I have a new addition to your construction sites:


This craft was designed to be the poster child for everything that bendy tech can do - rotate parts, control off of axis groups, and maintain control across different elements, all while still being one craft. Yeah, the DLC exists, but doing it stock is more of an engineering challenge.


This is how it started the day - I added the airbrake actuation to the elbow, which has some occasional mishaps with regards to overextension, but otherwise, it works perfectly. The wrist was a very simple joint. It's slow and not particularly high-range of motion, but it gets the job done. Additionally, this shows off another amusing trick of bendy tech - fuel lines bend with the parts, so they make perfect piston analogues.

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19 hours ago, Castille7 said:

I would love to see it in the Construction Site Series. I think it's safe to say we'd be honored to have it in a video if you would be ok with it?

Definitely! I just need to get the darn thing to work consistently


I realized after several hours of annoyedness with the various hinges (I was trying to get the servo to be better at supporting weight), that it's actually the wheels which are causing all of the headaches... More work to be done here, but it's slightly frustrating that the glitchy part of this craft isn't the fact that I'm torquing pieces of it around in angles that were never intended to be reached, but the wheels...


to take my mind off of things, I continued working on my replica of the Mitsubishi F-2. The vertical stabilizer, ventral fins, wings, and chines are all products of today's effort.


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On 2/7/2020 at 1:17 AM, Castille7 said:

Don't beat yourself up too much with it. I can make it look as functional as possible for the video and leave out any kraken attacks. 

Aye. The project has been put on a slight hold as I wait to have enough time to be willing to sit down and get it working again. There's a reason that I typically alternate between mechanical and static builds - I love building the complex ones, but man are they draining to perfect. It's time will come, though.


This project was my breath of fresh air. I'm rather happy with how well the rest of this came together. Just over 400 parts as it stands currently, though that might change as I go into ... sigh... bugfixing the stabilators

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Following the release of my Soyuz 7K-OK, I wanted to cap it off with the last of the first gen Soyuz: 7K-OKS. This variant used the newly-developed SSVP docking system which allowed for internal crew transfer.  


Painting depicting Soyuz 10. 

In this mission a Soyuz 7K-OKS attempted to dock with Salyut 1, both equipped with SSVP ports. This was the first attempted use of the SSVP system.


SSVP drogue port (left) and probe port (right)

The drogue port mainly consists of a cone made out of solar panels, while the probe port uses a communotron 16 as the probe. Behind each assembly is a clamp-o-tron jr.  While docking, the communotron probe contacts and slides into the solar panel cone, guiding the spacecraft towards alignment. Once the two ports are close together, the clamp-o-tron jr's on each port attract one another, locking the ports together. Another pair of communotrons slot into holes on the drogue port to keep the spacecraft aligned and stable. 

The idea behind all this is to better replicate the SSVP system while maintaining some functionality. Though, to be clear, this system doesn't allow for internal crew transfer in its current form.


Testing out the system in orbit.


Docked, sort of. While the two spacecraft are mechanically connected, they still considered two separate spacecraft. Timewarping at this point could cause them to drift into one another, so I'd advise against this. 


To get around this I've implemented a system which allows you to ditch the SSVP assembly in favor of actual docking ports. This is a one-way conversion but allows you to actually dock the spacecraft once you get bored of the "probe and drogue" thing. 

To start the conversion, the passive port discards its solar panel cone. Another clamp-o-tron jr. slides forward to take its place. 


The Soyuz discards its probe assembly, allowing the two spacecraft to dock for real this time.

I'll be upgrading my Soyuz and Salyut builds using these ports. Should be ready for release soon!

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Happy valentines day folks.


K.S.S Hawk



Finally had enough time continue the fleet project.

The Hawk is an anti-air cruiser based on the Royal Navy's first heavy-cruiser, the H.M.S Hawkins.


I might just take what ive built so far and upload them and add the rest later as it takes quite a while to build new stuff. Especially now with my current school project (went totally overboard...you'll see)

I'll try to get that done during the one week ski holiday a week from now. I'll also try to get the Ark Royal done before that so i can make the tutorial for aircraft carriers.


I also have a couple upgraded old navy planes in waiting to be uploaded as-well.

So, something to look forward to then. As usual tough...don't hold your breath.



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Adding a Tank to my Kerbin Mini Military. It's got a working Turret, no projectiles. I'm still tweaking the looks a little before releasing it. I might change some parts around to make it look cleaner.




Wasn't planning to update it so soon but here some tweaks I made.



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18 hours ago, Castille7 said:

Adding a Tank to my Kerbin Mini Military.

After seeing that, i couldn't help but give a go at creating my own miniature tank.


And while im at it, why not create a transport plane to go with it.








The Abrams is fully stock minus the paint/decals. The galaxy on the other-hand uses Airplane+.

The Abrams was supposed to have a rotating turret, but i was a dumb dumb and built the turret on top of a rotor, not a servo (always get them mixed up, guess im too used to the cylindrical shape of the IR rotatrons i used so fequently).

Other issue with the thing is the fact that in order for the rear cargo ramp/door to work (well...more for it to join clean with the fuselage), you need to use the manual slider to open and close it. This wouldn't be so bad if the manual slider didn't stop working every time you switch craft, witch is a bit necessary to load vehicles into it.


Dunno if im gonna properly upload this, as it's more for looks/the fun of it, so im putting it here.

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Been a bit busy recently, but i managed to make progress with my new ground facility, its not armed yet as im ot 100% sure how i wanna go around doing that (i might actually make the weapon emplacements separate facilities outright), but its gotten expanded enough to actually do something with it.



Nothing too fancy, minor edit from the earlier one (less parts and i like the different pod better), but the way i made this base is that in universe it would have its core deorbited and then the modules that attach to it would be manufactured on the ground and built out radially from the ample hardpoints on the bottom of the core.


Experimental 1st generation assembly rover thing sucked, i ended up making a better one...


And here it is fully assembled as of this moment.  The refinery is the really important part, other modules will be added as the need arises.  I plan to add a tank factory and a landing pad to complete the design.  Ofc i also will need to make BCorp a orbital defense cannon to protect this, but not 100% sure how ill do that as im not sure what style i want to go with for that.





I still need to redo a few modules to cut part count (the worst offender is the habitation/command unit which has way too many parts and is notorious for eating the rover when i try and attach it to the thing), but overall its starting to look like actual ground base facility that isnt just a mess of random modules left on the ground.


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