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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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Been working on an RO space shuttle of sorts.   It's only barely still a WIP, but I still have some tweaks to make to it and the launcher so I guess it fits.

It's like a weird amalgamation of 3 different vehicles
Size of the original Space Shuttle (actually it has a bigger payload capacity).
Wing / controls configuration of the X-37B.
Top-of-rocket-without-fairing mounting of the Dream Chaser.

It also has a nose docking port like none of those vehicles, to improve cargo bay space.

Simulated test flights have been interesting.  For air-drop tests, the carrier plane gets spaghettified by the kraken on separation about 50% of the time.  :0.0:


Also, launch simulations showed that there is no such thing as too many struts, as the cockpit inverted into the cargo bay near Max-Q.  :sealed:

Nevertheless it has performed way beyond my expectations on these first tests, proving easily controllable to soft landings...

...taking launch g forces like a champ (navball is hidden but the g meter hits about 5g at SRB burnout)...

...and turning out perfectly balanced (as all things should be) on reentry the first try with a 40+ ton mass sim in the payload bay, using a tiny fraction of the RCS propellant I'd budgeted, and requiring zero propellant pumping between tanks.  Mass savings, yay!!!  I did find out a part near the wing root gets toasty if I stay rolled one direction too long and/or dip too low into the atmosphere at high speed, but nothing too hard to handle.

I was honestly really surprised how well it all worked (aside from the inverting cockpit), because it's really been an age since I last did anything in RO / FAR.  I was sure the thing would flip out of control and disintegrate, stall and crash, or just go full lawn dart at some point, but it didn't.  :D

Now I just need to do "real" test flights, instead of "simulated" ones :P.  Also need to do a full orbital flight, because I've yet to do one straight from beginning to end).  Unrelated I'd like to figure out what's bugging my proc wing textures out so no matter what I set them to in editor, they're all heat tiled on launch. 

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Poking around with a mining ship. It needs that many solar panels to work at Jool.


I didn't quite get it on top of the VAB, but if I set the gimbal lower I could. (This is necessary testing, we insisted to the insurance company!)

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On 7/6/2021 at 4:38 AM, InterstellarKev said:

Currently working on the finishing touches of my new Mech Suit. Comes with Kraken Tech as well to be a SSTA er a mech suit to anywhere? MSTA?  lol anyway .









Gotta say, the camo looks great on it, nice work!

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