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Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread


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New Mombasa.. ah, how I missed the good old energy shields. This is still in development to produce further variants.

F-99 Aircraft carrier capable demonstrator UCAV

Download: Extremely short takeoff distances, heavy duty landing gear, two guided smart missiles, high speed, high maneuvrability, long range, low cost, and a variety of other advantages along with a sensor suite and communications package https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbfdqhmpbtnqjgk/F-99%20Combat%20Drone.craft

F-4 download from previous post: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxtaxk5pezjzud3/F-4.craft



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A VAB launched SSTO shuttle I have been working on.

It gets to orbit fine but doesn't do reentry/landing.

It literally blows up when I pop the chutes, but all the pods make it to the ground so the kerbals live lol.

I used 4 of the engine clusters from SSI proton shuttle. The 4 pods facing in Ive seen somewhere here on the forums but do not remember where.

It still needs a lot of work.

I fixed the chute issue and it lands with or without engines now.

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Might you be able to do a powered landing to get around the parachute issue?

I'm not the best at landing and I at least wanted a parachute assisted landing for low fuel returns.

Congrats on another sticky by the way :)

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A month without my main rig, I'm playing on my lap-warmer and it runs the game pretty well if I turn everything down. I managed to make a shuttle which I'm refining. For now it can take small cargo (2 tons max) to orbit but I'm working on that. It's full stock, the KER module is accessible and I can just get it off and upload it to the forums. Part-count without cargo is 138.


Flying this thing is fun as hell, I want to believe it's too much for autopilots (unless you go full chicken mode and combine that automatic thrust management mod with mechjeb). It requires active throttle control on the skipper with the limiter, good timing, a complicated ascent path, etc.


As I said, active throttle control on the skipper is a must. It's like that because the main orange tank also transfers fuel to the shuttle tank.


Once the main tank is gone (Watch out for fuel-deprivation, as you'll start spinning as soon as it happens unless you are very careful) the thing flies great, it has a tendency to go nose-down when full powered because the CoG is a bit down compared to the thrust point.


I'm sorry for the overall quality, as I said I'm playing on my notebook and I have to set everything to low, except for the textures.

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It does indeed look nice and amazing. The weight/mass does look concerning but the Skippers should be able to handle it. Plus, it's GusTurbo. He'll find a way around it. :)

That cockpit flows perfectly into the larger space shuttle body. The OMS pods look good, and Skippers look great as SSMEs.

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This thing almost has the delta-v to be a real solar system launcher...

If only the boosters don't blow up the entire ship upon staging.

Have you tried using Sepratrons to blow the boosters clear of the core?


I've encountered some trouble with my newest Shuttle. The method I used to create the new nose has made the payload bay floor too high, which means any 2.5m payload sticks out too much. I may have to change things up again, which means I'm still that far away from actual testing.

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I think I can make this into a perfectly functional SSTO. In fact, I think it already is, but a few more beauty passes are required, this is just the first sketch, perhaps you guys can already recognize it?


Rune. That was kind of surprisingly easy.

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I decided to put off the larger Vostok for a smaller one:



It is a lot more fuel tanks though. :P

It's probably because there is 24 of the medium 1.25m fuel tanks per strap-on booster.

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Here's my Dream Chaser! v0.1

It's supposed to be a crew ferry, although it can only carry one Kerbal. However, I may add external seats to the interior of the structural fuselage to allow for more crew to ride at once. Of course, I designed it because I discovered that using spaceplanes for crew-ferrying purposes up to LKO has a lot of advantages:

-) Less Gs during atmospheric entry, which is always good.

-) Being able to pinpoint landings make things more precise and organized.

-) Runway landings take away the need of special recovery crews and look much cooler than a splashdown.

-) Spaceplanes are cool, ok?

Here's what I came up with (this was just an atmospheric entry test, and since I was kinda lazy, I used hyperedit to put it in orbit. Actual de-orbit and landing were manual, mind you):



It has a rear docking port with a clear passage for the pilot, a complete RCS system with more than enough for docking and hard maneuvering, about 1100 Dv, and the cabin has some MFDs that could come in handy in the future. may add a couple of external cameras here and there for IVA maneuvering.


"Dang it! Where's the runway?!

Electrical and control systems are in the wing structure itself, as it isn't completely flat. This makes the plane more compact.

After a mid-entry (intentional) tumble and two consecutive Split S maneuvers, I managed to come in for a gentle glide-landing, without even turning on the main engines.


After that, it was a matter of letting the Drogue slow me down to a stop.


And here's a picture of Jonfel on top of it for scale (sorry, didn't have bananas!).


Unfortunately, the plane glides like a brick, because the stock game can't handle my swag the concept of lifting bodies. You guys got any suggestions?

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It is almost ready... only need to milk about 1 km/s more delta v and it is ready for the Real Solar System.


EDIT: After many failures:



I finally made it to orbit and it looks very cool:


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Originally designed as the Thermopylae Class Heavy Cruiser, this is not a vessel to be taken lightly along with a 600 part count for now. It includes a heavy MAC CANNON and 12 anti ship missiles.






If I was an AI, Jacob Keyes would never have been a gravemind. Section 3 has also declassified performance trials of an ancilla based off of my brain.





Successful testing with a metastable Cortana. My AI was given to Colonel Ackerson.





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