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[1.2.x] Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module

Sam Hall

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Okay so Spaceport's dead, and Curse I guess forgot to pay their Cloudflare bill or something cause I can't upload jack there. Guess Mediafire'll have to do for now.


This is the newest version of the parts pack; I've added a couple new parts and also cleaned up some of the IVA textures a bit.





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*Sees 1.25m crew cabin* :D That looks awesome, also do i see jet engines and a little holder thing for a kerbal seat?

It actually is a kerbal seat; the main thing that differentiates it from the stock rover seat is that it's stack mountable, with a pair of attachment nodes located directly before and behind its center of mass. So you can stick on a pair of small RCS cans and jets on the front and back to make a Minmus hoverscooter, or a ion engine and .5m docking port to make a bare-bones orbital shuttle or whatever. It also has some limited SAS functionality. The downside is that it's quite a bit heavier than the original; with a kerbal onboard it comes out to 0.2 tons even.


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Cool new parts. You should rename the threat though. It's so much more than just the Kn2 Cockpit now. It'd be a shame if people would miss all those extra parts because they thought it was just a single cockpit part.

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Is there any mean to make the KN-2 Cockpit to have Raster Prop Monitor ?

I tried to add the patch files, but since the path has a little bit changed (am I wrong ?), so I can't get it to work.

I've only one monitor showing in IVA out of three that were meant...

Hyomoto's patch was for .16 of RPM. The thing RPM has now to update old RPM pods to work with the new version only changes 1 screen to work. You will have to go through the .cfg file and change any RasterPropMonitorExampleMFD to RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD.

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This is this simple ? I'll try asap ! If it works, may I upload it ? So people can use it and not work around with those cfg files...

It worked for me with RPM .17 in .23.5. It should work with RPM .18 and .24. I'm not sure about uploading it, but it isn't really that hard and people should be able to do it themselves.

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