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What is the absolutely first game you remember playing?


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Back when I had my Amiga, I would have given my right arm for one of these:


It's a 20MB hard disk.

Thad was my Amiga HDD from the beginning of the 90s on:


SCSI controller and whopping 200 MB (but also had cost me around 1500-2000 DM)

When I switched to my first PC a few years later I hadn´t even filled it to half


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Unreal Tournament 1999. I was very young. Probably explains why I'm weird (But in a good, creative way).

Even to this day I still play it (You can pick it up on Steam for a $10). It also has what I consider to be one of the greatest video game maps of all time:


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It might have been a space invaders game on the BBC Micro, or one of a number of ZX Spectrum games - there was a fruit machine one, and a flying side-on level-based game called Helichopper, which had the all time greatest level name: "Soft Solid Tank Attack", featuring bouncing rubbery tanks.

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Real Life.

8/10 good game. Excellent visual effects and physics processing, great render distance (13798000000 lightyears and counting). The game only begins to lag when a massive number of objects are present, or when something is moving at Ludicrous Speedâ„¢.

However, mods are difficult to install, there appears to be a speed limit, and I can't figure out how to access Creative Mode.

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As said from someone:

my first videogame was PONG!


... from a child of the '70, I saw them ALL :D

(thanks for a GrandMother that owned a bar, so I could play for free from the very beginning of "videogames age" :P)

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