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[1.10.0] Final Frontier - kerbal individual merits 1.10.0-3485


KSP 1.1.0  

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Hey @Nereid, I think I've run into a small bug in Final Frontier. After I open and close the Final Frontier window in flight, or after some scene changes, I'm no longer able to open the Final Frontier window. I click the button in the toolbar and nothing happens. Pressing the hotkey shortcut (Left Alt + F) also seems to do nothing. I've noticed the following error messages appear in the console - the first being when I click the toolbar button, and the second for trying to open it via the hotkey.


Quitting to the main menu and reopening the save doesn't seem to fix it, only a full restart of the game gets it working again (until I repeat the previously mentioned steps, upon which it stops working again).

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First thing I would do is to post a link to your log file so we can investigate what it shows.  What KSP and FF versions are you using?

Were I to guess, I would say you have a bad install somewhere, and not necessarily with FF since it doesn't behave this way for me under KSP 1.12.2 and FF 1.10 installed with CKAN.

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As has been discussed previously this mod does not work with JNSQ's 12 hour days.  I was wondering if it was possible to alter the .cs data files directly whenever they mention time. For instance whenever it dictates that that it lookup mission time, assuming you have FF set to return Kerbin time of 6 hour days, can you have it set to return mission time x 2. Or possible reset the 24 hour time to return as 24/2? Earlier it was said that the timescale was hardcoded into the game data but I don't fully understand if what I am asking to do is possible. Because if I can manually alter the files I don't mind doing them so long as I know what nomenclature to alter and how to avoid messing up the code. 

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