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Took a trip through memory lane in 13.3 a little bit ago.


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Aye... all those years ago in 0.12 , no jumbo orange fuel tanks, no mainsails, just wibbley wobbly stacks of 1.75 meter fuel cans with a maybe a few small SRBs strapped to the side, theres no way we could have got to the mun and back, I mean we did'nt even have landing legs, its all a conspiracy, the first mun landings were photoshopped fakes I tell you.

Theres proof in that theres never pictures of the crew on the surface... I mean go all that way and NOT get out... its a joke.. those ships never even had a crew...

And as for other planets..... no way on Kerbin


wandering off slowly muttering about mind control and area 52 & 1/2

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It's always hard for me to visit old versions of a game... KSP has truly come a long way from when I discovered it, and just as with Minecraft, I'm no longer totally sure if I like the direction it's been taking.

Maybe the new contracts and stuff will put this game back on the track again.

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heh... wrong word :)
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The galaxy is way too bright, looks really ugly, universe doesn't look like universe, but like a bad smog over London.

If there has to be something there, it shouldn't be any nebula-like splotch. Not even stars as we have now. There should be point-like stars. Not many of them, though.

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