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Survive That Attack!


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This is a game i took from the Roblox forums for all kerbal space programmers to enjoy.

Here's the rules:

1. Somebody says an attack, while countering the above user's attack.

2. Don't be a jerk and try to constantly deflect attacks / give an un-detailed description of the attack / simply say "no" instead of actually deflecting it.


3. An example.

User: Throw a chainsaw at you.

User 2: Use Captain America's Shield and deflect it to the next poster.

User 3: Use my pappy's diamond chainsaw to cut through those chainsaws. Also use it try and slaughter the next guy.

4. You may die, so long as there is attack in death. / it is ridiculously funny.

Ok. You know how it works. I'l get things started.

I use a Sepratron Launcher on the next poster.

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Then the kerbal engineers build a rocket to rescue me.

I build a thing that can destroy planets(like this:


And destroy the planet the next poster is right now(of course I use a rocket to get to another solar system, with this:http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43839-0-23-KSP-Interstellar-%28Thermal-Helper-Solar-Sail-Impactors-Fusion%29-Version-0-10)

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Not responsible for other peoples natural catastrophes. Sorry!

Lets see........Popped a old LV motor on a rusting fuel tank, glued a nose cone and some fins on it, lit it off, and it does a ballistic trajectory into the next poster.

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I now possess a blast door that will protect me from anything. Including the blast door you just threw at me. What? That violates causality? QUANTUM MECHANICS SAYS SHUT UP.

In other news, I fire a wave that is secretly a particle that is secretly a wave disguised as a particle at the next person.

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