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Survive That Attack!


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Happily, the next poster is already 200 km below (he had landed after deorbit a post before) and even didn't notice the explosion far in the space.

But the explosion took off 3 large communication satellites, and their owners want to meet and thank the person who did it.

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19 minutes ago, DaMachinator said:

Unfortunately, they still take up space and have mass. They also still emit radiation in other regions of the EM spectrum. I detect them with a wide-spectrum scanner and shoot enough explosives at them to send them on a solar escape trajectory.

I capture the sectopods and hand them over to XKOM's Dr. Kahlen

I throw an alligator through the window of the next poster

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I pull a John Cena while pulling a Chuck Norris and mix in a little infinty, and voila, complete invincibility.


I let the next poster do what he wants to me because I know I won't feel a thing, and if I do, will immediately win.

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I summon the might of Chekhov's Gun to help me. It turns out this time it was a simple asteroid, which hits a critical component, and the whole ship explodes.


I send the U.S.S. Enterprise after the next poster.


On 9/16/2016 at 9:24 AM, Dark Junior said:

I poke the next user


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